Hot Tub Reviews

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It's great as you can set it to come on and heat for the required time!

Name: Facebook
Date: 26/04/2016
Model: Palm Springs Hydrojet

It's fab, I don't think it is as noisy as the premium and it stays hotter for longer. Material is excellent with no outer cover. Not used the chlorinator yet. Was a bit worried as it is about 20cm less in depth as the other but not an issue. It's great as you can set it to come on and heat for the required time. 😊 love it 😊

You can be in the Caribbean, Dorset, you can be wherever you want to be!

Name: Focus Group
Date: 21/03/2016

We asked some of our customers the following question: "Now I want think back to the times that you used your Lay-Z-Spa, describe your fondest, most enjoyable memories. I want to know about the best moments that stand out in your mind from using your Lay-Z-Spa". Here's what they said:

Itís always a relaxing part of your day.

Coconut essence, close your eyes and you can be in the Caribbean, Dorset, you can be wherever you want to be!


Get it and try it! Youíll be converted!

Name: Focus Group
Date: 21/03/2016

We asked some of our customers how they would describe our Lay-Z-Spa's to a friend. Here's what they said:

Weíve been in hotels where the spas arenít as good as our Lay-Z-Spa!

Get it and try it! Youíll be converted!

Affordability. Itís not a risk.


I love my hot tub!

Name: Jess
Date: 12/03/2014

I would fully recommend Lay-Z-Spa to anyone who suffers from chronic pain in joints and muscles! I don't think I have felt this relaxed in a long time, my muscles actually feel quite chilled and, as someone who suffers with chronic pain 24/7 themselves, my spa has been a godsend for me! It has given me that "normal" feeling back and some respite from the pain, albeit temporary but worth every penny. Wonderful!

A Fantasic Inflatable Spa

Name: Orion
Date: 10/02/2014

I purchased a Vegas model for me and my wife last summer. It was easy to set up, light weight and pretty roomy for the two of us; we had so much fun in it, morning afternoon, evening; even at night on occasion! Maintenance is pretty key, i.e. cleaning, topping up the water level and testing it's Chlorine, Alkaline and pH levels are correct. The instructions are good so all of that is quite easy if you follow the directions correctly. Your energy bills will increase slightly when the Spa is in use but a good maintenance regimen can usually help keep additional costs relatively low. 

Top Tips: Using a fish tank net to scoop any floating leaves or insects from the surface is a great way to help keep the water debris free. Stick to use indoors (if you have the facilities for it) in the winter months and do not use outdoors! Make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of it the rest of the year: it really is a great product for the price!

Hot tub certainly lives up to all expectations

Name: Brian Richards
Date: 05/03/2013
The Lay-Z-Spa Premium has lived up to my expectations and we spent many wonderful summer evenings lounging around in the lovely warm water with friends or on our own. With five people in you'll be touching each otherís legs constantly so if you're conscious of being touched then forget it! When the spa/bubbles/Jacuzzi is activated it makes a bit of a din which kind of halts conversation in its tracks so we never had it on for more than five or ten minutes. The biggest downside, though, is that when you first set it up it takes about twelve hours to heat up to temperature but after that its stays heated. That having been said, if you can put up with the fuss of keeping it going, there's nothing like stepping into 40degree water at 8pm on a warm summers evening and chatting away for an hour with your partner. Buy and enjoy!

Massively impressed with my Spa!

Name: Liam M.
Date: 20/08/2012

A fantastic product! If Iím being honest I wasnít expecting too much from my Premium model, but itís every bit as powerful as the 'real thing' (fixed hot tub). Itís a little bit noisy, but to be expected. I would highly recommend Lay-Z-Spa, not least for their really nice fast delivery and excellent customer service! Couldnít ask for more!

Lay Z spa ĖBest Aftercare Service

Name: Whirlpoolgran
Date: 02/08/2012

I have had my lay z spa since April 2011 where it was used every day almost we had family nights my grandson loved to give us 'whirlpools' in it when we brought it out the next year our pump wasn't heating best ways replace it within a week have used it but was a bit noisy I sent a recording to them and within 2 days they said it is noisy and have sent a new one. I would give top marks to the Aftersales care at Bestway. Thank you once again. Fun times here we comeÖ!

Excellent inflatable hot tub

Name: Mr Harrison UK
Date: 19/06/2012
I bought one of these spa's three years ago and it was excellent until the heater packed in working. After searching for a replacement it seems everyone was having the same problem. If you sort this heater problem out and offer a reasonable repair service I would purchase again without any problem. You have a great value for money product I would buy again just sort the heater problem out. A quality product that maybe is not designed for the kind of use it was subjected to under my ownership (Used Daily in all weathers) (Gazebo protection over & around the unit raised on decking). But during its two year use it was an excellent product that delivered what it was supposed to do until the heater failed. The Customer Service was excellent when the tube seam split (replaced within two weeks) in the 12 month purchase period.