Water Health

In order to get the maximum enjoyment from your inflatable hot tub we have put together this water health guide. 

We have a wide variety of chemicals for treating your hot tub water in our Chemicals & Accessories section or from one of our stockists.

Introduction To Hot Tub Water Health

The warm water of a hot tub or inflatable spa can provide the ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful micro-organisms and therefore water needs to be regularly treated and maintained. Bacteria, airborne spores, algae and even viruses can find their way into the water, as transference is relatively easy.

Here at Lay-Z-Spa HQ we believe that the way to healthy water isn't just by adding chemicals, we believe it is a combination of regular cleaning, water change, personal hygiene and filter change too.

By sticking to a regular spa pool maintenance regime you can increase product life and eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. This should also include removing all body lotions, fake tans, suntan oils, etc. before entering the tub as these can sometimes result in staining and contribute to cloudy foamy water.

Chemical staining can take up to several months to show and requires a combination of factors to appear. Oils collected above the water line and in areas where the body comes into direct contact with the liner such as shoulders and neck, also along the top of the spa were people have rested their arms; can often lead to unsightly brown stains. These stains appear as if by magic due to the oxidization process caused by the combination of chemical, heat and UV exposure from the sun.

To eliminate this potential problem we recommend showering before use and regular cleaning of the inflatable hot tub throughout (once a week) and thoroughly cleaning and drying before storage.

We would also advise that you fully treat your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub water with chlorine and check the pH balance before use. By regularly treating the water you are creating the right balance for bather comfort, chemical efficiency, and equipment protection.

Sanitizer For Your Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Sanitizer will kill any bacteria in your water, and the 2 main sanitizers available are Chlorine and Bromine. It is vital that you maintain an appropriate sanitizer level to ensure any bacteria in the water is killed. We recommend Clearwater Chlorine Granules for your Lay-Z-Spa. Chlorine is a fast acting sanitizer and is particularly effective for correcting aggressive water problems in hot tubs; we recommend always having chlorine on hand to shock the water if needed. Chlorine is available in quick and slow dissolving forms. The most common mistake that spa and hot tub owners mistake is using pool chlorine (slow dissolving) in their spa pools as this can cause problems. We strongly recommend using Clearwater Chlorine Granules for your inflatable hot tub.

Stabilised chlorine granules are the most popular sanitizers for outdoor pools and spas due to how simple they make maintaining your pool. All you have to do is add the amount required by your pool or spa daily. Chlorine can be added by sprinkling the chlorine granules over the water surface, or by pre-diluting in a container of warm water.

Try adding chlorine a little at a time to prevent over chlorination. Then leave the water for about 2 hours, before retesting. This will give time for the chlorine to get to work in your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub. If the water is very dirty then all the chlorine will be used up, and you will have another low reading. If the water is properly balanced then chlorine residual will remain, and no more needs to be added. A handy hint is to add chlorine each time you get out of your hot tub.

You should always chlorinate your pool as a health and safety measure and you should never allow your pool or spa to be used without first testing that the water contains the right amount of chlorine.

Checking Your Hot Tub Sanitizer level

You should regularly check your chlorine levels to see if they fall between 7.0 and 7.6 using ClearWater Test Strips or Bestway Aquatester to measure the pH balance of your hot tub. The level of chlorine is very important to bather comfort and some owners check their water daily, others find once a week is sufficient, especially if bather load is not excessive.

Maintaining pH Balance

Maintaining the pH balance of your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub spa is essential. If the pH balance falls too low, resulting in water too acidic can cause problems with not only bather discomfort, burning eyes etc. but can be corrosive to internal pump parts and seals. If the pH rises too high resulting in water that is too basic or alkaline water may become cloudy, scale can form within the pump, massage jets and can cause some eye discomfort.

If you need to decrease you pH you can use Clearwater pH Minus which contains sodium bi-sulphate is ideal for maintaining a balanced level of pH in your spa pool in order for the chlorine you use to be effective. Clearwater 1.5kg pH Minus has been manufactured and sold specifically with the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa in mind; is very effective in lowering pH levels and is safe to use, will not burn skin and has virtually no foaming. (PLEASE NOTE: Follow all instructions carefully when using chemicals of any nature.) Clearwater chemicals are also enjoyed by other brands of spa and above ground pool users.

To increase you pH levels in your inflatable hot tub spa we would advise you use Clearwater pH Plus as this has been designed and manufactured specifically for your Lay-Z-Spa. Clearwater pH increaser contains sodium carbonate and will raise the total alkalinity, which is ideal for maintaining a balanced level of pH in your pool in order for the chlorine you use to be effective. (PLEASE NOTE: Follow all instructions carefully when using chemicals of any nature.)

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water can be caused by pH that is too high, but the most common cause is excessive contaminants in water. You should always make sure that your filter is clean and in good condition. To prevent cloudy water you can add clarifier to your water during initial fill and a smaller amount regularly as a preventative measure. We advise using Clearwater 1 Litre Clarifier which has been specifically designed for use with your Lay-Z-Spa; it is great for a one-off deep clean of your pool or spa water after heavy use or just to ensure cleaner, clearer water. It is quick and effective as all you need to do is add it to your pool and allow it to be filtered through your pump and water filtration system. We advise always keeping a spare as you never know when you might need to use it to keep your water looking fresh and clean. You will instantly notice a difference in your pool or spa water especially if you had recently used your pool or spa heavily.

Changing Filters

Changing your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub filters regularly not only help maintains water health but will also help maintain the overall health of your Lay-Z-Spa pump. Filters can become soiled, clogged and constrict water flow. This can put extra strain on the pump motor and can potentially cause a mechanical breakdown. Here at Lay-Z-Spa we recommend that you change your filter cartridge every two weeks, but if the spa is in greater use we recommend that you change the filter every week. You can purchase replacement filter packs from here for the Lay-Z-Spa Premium, Platinum, Vegas & Monaco (BW54112 & BW54113 models). Please refer to your Lay-Z-Spa pump manual if you are unsure which filter cartridge you require.