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How does the Power Saving Timer work?

The Lay-Z-Spa Power Saving Timer allows you to have more control over when you want your hot tub to heat up. Find out how it works here.

Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tubs are Supporting Red Nose Day for Comic Relief!

Comic Relief Inflatable Hot Tub with Lights | Greg Davies

New for 2016: Introducing Bestway's Lay-Z-Spa Paris with Stunning LED Lighting System!

We introduce the new Lay-Z-Spa Paris and offer an exclusive pre-order Offer!

Pump Error Codes: What do they mean & How do I fix them?

Another handy guide from the Lay-Z-Spa Advice Blog - Your guide to Pump Error Codes.

Lay-Z-Spa Comparison Table: What are the differences between the Lay-Z-Spa models?

Looking for an inflatable hot tub but not sure which one to get? Our comparison table shows the differences between the following Lay-Z-Spa models: Miami, Vegas, Palm Springs, Monaco, Paris, Palm Springs Hydrojet & Hawaii Hydrojet

Lay-Z-Spa on ITVís Big Box Little Box

In the show on the 18th June, the families received a Lay-Z-Spa Vegas to try out and give their honest reviews.

All You Need to Know About Filter Cartridges

We talk you through our new and improved Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridges for 2015 and offer some tips on how to make them last longer!

Lay-Z-Spa Water Problem Solving Chart

Are you having problems with your Lay-Z-Spa water? If so check out the symptom, cause and remody in this table.

Adjusting pH Levels in Your Lay-Z-Spa

Your complete guide to keeping on top of those Lay-Z-Spa pH levels!

Chemical & Maintenance Weekly Regime

Here is our handy weekly routine for you to follow to keep your Lay-Z-Spa clean and healthy!

Everything You Need to Know About Chlorine

Everything you need to know about chlorine in your Lay-Z-Spa.

Lay-Z-Spa on TV!

Have you seen the new Lay-Z-Spa TV ad which aired for the first time last week?

Lay-Z-Spa 2015 Survey Results

We recently conducted a survey with customers who had purchased from our site. Here were the results.

Looking After Your Lay-Z-Spa in Winter

Lay-Z-Spa's step-by-step guide to packing away your Lay-Z-Spa for winter.

New for 2015: Introducing the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs

New for 2015: Introducing the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs

Enjoying Your Lay-Z-Spa in Autumn

Some advice to prolong the enjoyment of your spa in Autumn

Lay-Z-Spa Rolling Cameras with Hot Tub Cinema for 2nd Summer in a Row!

Lay-Z-Spa teams up with HTC for a second summer of films, fun & bubbles!

5 Money Saving Tips For Heating Your Lay-Z-Spa

The Lay-Z-Spa team give you the run-down of ways reduce your running costs this season!

Lay-Z-Spa TV Advert Goes Live!

Watch the new advert for Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs. Featuring the New Miami, Monaco & Vegas models.

10 Top Tips For Setting Up Your Lay-Z-Spa

Useful hints and tips for setting up your Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub.

Introducing the new Lay-Z-Spa Miami for 2014

Lay-Z-Spa unveil the brand new Miami Inflatable Hot Tub.