3 Steps To Winter Wellness

Winter is the perfect time to boost your wellness and make the best of the chilliest of seasons. It may be tempting to spend the evenings and weekends cosied up on the couch, but it’s time to take our wellbeing into our own hands and face the year with vigour. Here’s how:

Winter wellness with Lay-Z-Spa

Strike That Balance

Life is all about balance, and that goes for getting through the winter too. Sticking to a balanced diet filled with everything your body needs may not be as easy, but it’s possible. Look out for fruits and vegetables you never eat to jazz up mealtimes and make the most of the winter classics we don’t get to enjoy so much during summer. Sitting down to a colourful plate full of goodness after a rainy day can boost your mood as well as your health.

Winter Wellness tips

Be Kind To Your Skin

The winter weather isn’t only hard on our moods, it also has an impact on our skin. Cold weather can shrink the cells in our skin and cause symptoms such as dryness, while wet conditions can strip away our skins’ barrier. Not good news.

It’s also possible that stepping from a toasty house to the biting cold outside can wreak havoc with blood flow and circulation, which also takes a toll on sensitive skin. Treat your skin to a little pampering to see it through until summer. Why not book a facial and ask them to focus on your problem areas, or invest in a rich moisturiser to make sure it’s getting everything it needs?

Lay-Z-Spa winter wellness

Get Moving Again

So, we’ve ticked off your diet and your skin, now it’s time to talk exercise. It may not be the best weather for those evening jogs around the local park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be just as active during the winter months as during the summer. In fact, you won’t have to sweat it out with a heatwave making your workout harder! Why not sign up to a new fitness class? You’ll be able to learn something new and stay warm and toasty in a fitness studio – not that sounds like a great excuse to get active again.

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