5 Reasons For Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Did you know you could use your Lay-Z-Spa all year round? Many inflatable hot tub owners are unaware that they can keep using their Lay-Z-Spa in winter and that there are actually some benefits in doing so. Here are 5 reasons that we think will make you want to use your Lay-Z-Spa in winter.

1. More Enjoyable Than Summer

Many Lay-Z-Spa owners will argue that a hot tub in winter is much more enjoyable than in the summer. The contrast of cool outside ambient temperature versus the warmth of your hot tub water and steam rising up into the air creates an incomparable experience.

2. Health Benefits

There are many health benefits associated with using hot tubs and using a Lay-Z-Spa in winter offers even more. Not only are hot tubs brilliant for peacefulness and de-stressing, the 40°C water and soothing massage systems are great for winter aches and pains, improving blood circulation and helping fight off colds.

3. Reconnecting with the outdoors

We all tend to spend as little time as possible outdoors in the Winter but using your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub gives you an opportunity to re-engage with the outdoors and enjoy the seasonal scenery whilst soaking in blissful 40°C water. Who wouldn’t want to be in a hot tub surrounded by a blanket of snow?

4. Warm your core

It is hard to shake off the feeling of always being cold during winter. Taking a dip in your Lay-Z-Spa's luxuriously warm 40°C water is a great way to warm up your core temperature and improve your overall mood.  After you come out of your hot tub, your core temperature will remain high for a considerable amount of time, even after the walk back into the house through the cold.

5. Excellent Social Environment

Social gatherings and parties are mostly limited to indoors during the winter. Hosting a hot tub party in winter is a sure way to make it a memorable occasion. Accessorise your surroundings with lights and home comforts and you’ll have a guaranteed talking point amongst your friends.

So, if you have a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, you might want to reconsider packing it down for winter, and instead, making the most of it. If you don't have a Lay-Z-Spa, explore our range and find the perfect hot tub for you to enjoy in winter.

All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs now come with Freeze Shield™ as standard so you never have to worry about your water freezing over and you’ll find tips on how to use your hot tub in winter in our blog.