Aqua Glow ColorJet LED Light For HydroJet™ Models Multi Pack

  • IP68 waterproof for constant underwater use
  • Water powered LED light that requires no batteries or charging
  • 7 different colours including red, green, blue, light blue, white, violet and yellow
  • 2 lighting functions including fixed colour and automatic colour switching

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About Aqua Glow ColorJet LED Light For HydroJet™ Models Multi Pack

Light up your hot tub experience with the Aqua Glow™ ColorJet water-powered light. Compatible with all HydroJet™ and HydroJet Pro™ Lay-Z-Spa® hot tubs, these lights are solely powered by water flow. This means no batteries or charging is required to enjoy its spectacular light show. In addition to offering the same multi-directional flow control of a traditional HydroJet™, the Aqua Glow light will light your spa up with 7 bright colours thanks to its vibrant LED bulbs. Including red, green, blue, light blue, white, violet, yellow; you can choose between a solid colour or utilise the automatic colour switching function. So now, sit back and relax or get the party started with the Aqua Glow™ lighting system.

How to use

The light can be turned on or off by holding the power button for 3 seconds, allowing you to choose between using it as a traditional HydroJet™ or utilising its lighting functionality.

Reinstall Instructions

To reinstall the HydroJet™ nozzle simply turn it until the teeth on the nozzle slot into place with the spa fitment. Then push the nozzle firmly and twist clockwise to lock it into position.