There ain’t no party like a hot tub party as the saying goes (weeeeeell near enough anyway), so it’s time to start planning those gatherings in your garden to make the most of your Lay-Z-Spa. We love the social side of our hot tubs, and as spring gets underway it’s a great idea to start thinking about who you’re going to invite to those summery catch ups with your hot tub as the star of the show. While you make a mental note of your favourite friends, check out 7 tips for the perfect hot tub party…

 7 Tips For The Perfect Hot Tub Party


It’s all about the lighting

What’s a party without funky coloured lights to add a little atmosphere? Well, we offer a selection of clever LED lights to keep your water glowing. They’re suitable for use underwater, and they’re battery operated so there’s no fuss. Or there's the Paris AirJet which has a vibrant LED lighting system built into the base of the spa.

Hot tub lighting


Provide creature comforts

Now we know your back garden is not a spa, but that’s not to say you can’t treat your guests to the spa experience during your hot tub celebration. How about wrapping them up in our Official Lay-Z-Spa Robes to keep them cosy when they’re not in the tub…now that’s service.


Lay-Z-Spa robes 


Music is a must?

Unlike a pool party, music isn’t absolutely essential to a hot tub party. Want to crank up the volume or sink into the warm bubbly water listening to some mellow acoustics after a long day at work? Here at Lay-Z-Spa we like something a bit more relaxing, check out our Spotify playlist below.



Keep the drinks safe

Remember that spillages of any kind of drink are bad news, so it’s good news that we have everything you need to keep those drinks safe and sound. Our range of Hot Tub Accessories includes gorgeous acrylic glasses that even the clumsiest of your pals won’t be able to break, as well as handy drink holders for your Lay-Z-Spa. All drink holders are compatible with our glass sets, and you’ll find everything from swanky champagne flutes to good old tumblers.


Lay-Z-Spa drinks holder 


Lie back in style

We know that when it comes to hot tub parties, comfort is everything. A set of Lay-Z-Spa Pillows are therefore the perfect bit of hot tub kit to keep your guests comfortable. Hurry though, we’d recommend ordering this one well in time for summer because these prove mighty popular when the sun starts to shine…


Lay-Z-spa Pillows


Decorations are everything

Fairly lights, bunting and candles are just some of the bits and pieces you need to transform your hot tub party into something special. We’ve put together a Pinterest Board with our favourite snippets of inspiration. Check it out here.


Be ready for any weather

As with any party, it’s important to plan for any weather. The portable protective Dome will help to protect your guests (and your Lay-Z-Spa) from the elements. In fact, the warm water will ensure that they’re relaxed and cosy no matter what the season, so say goodbye to washout barbeques on summer days – and hello to all weather hot tub catch ups!

 Lay-Z-Spa Dome


Get full prepared for your next hot tub party. Explore our full range of Accessories or visit our Chemicals to get fully stocked up for the season!