In 2016, Lay-Z-Spa introduced a new programmable heater function that allows you to control your heating system up to 72 hours in advance.

This Power Saving Timer Button function, was designed to help avoid wasting power by allowing you to set the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa. This way, you can enjoy your spa at the time you desire, without needing to leave the heater on at all times.


So how does it work?

There are two components to the Lay-Z-Spa heating timer.

  1. You can set the heater to stay on for up to 48 hours, or for any other duration of time you’d like. You can adjust the timing in hourly units.
  2. You can then set when your spa heater turns on, up to 24 hours in advance. This is also programmable with hourly units. Meaning all together, you can go away for a long weekend, and come home 72 hours later to find your spa up to temperature and ready for you to jump into after your travels.


Can I set my Lay-Z-Spa heater to turn on in advance for longer than 72 hours into the future?

For safety reasons and to help protect your heater pump, unfortunately this is not possible.

Lay-Z-Spas are designed to hibernate after 72 hours of inactivity.

They have been specifically designed to do this to allow the Lay-Z-Spa to be left heating for extended periods of time but not too long that the filter accumulates too much dirt which could damage your pump. Your filter cartridges needs a good rinse approximately every 3 days (depending on frequency of use) and replacing every 3 - 4 weeks.

However, 72 hours is just the right amount of time to have your Lay-z-spa hot tub heated and ready after a long weekend, or short trip away, or just in case you get too busy to enjoy your Lay-Z-Spa every day of the week.


What models have the new Lay-Z-Spa heater timer?

The new timer function features on the pump units of all Lay-Z-Spa's models arriving into the UK from 2016 (plus in the limited early shipment of the new Lay-Z-Spa Paris's arriving in November 2015).

The new pump will be interchangeable with all 2015 models: the Miami, Vegas, Palm Springs & Monaco.

The Bestway Aftersales Team are likely to have stock of the new pump only, available to buy in 2016.


How does it work - An example

As an example, if it was Friday at 1200 hours and you wanted your Lay-Z-Spa to be up to temperature for Sunday at 1800 hours you could set it like this; the heating could activate in 24 hours’ time, on Saturday at 1200 hours; the hot tub heating system could be set to be on for 30 hours (24 + 6). So at 6pm on Sunday your hot tub will be heated and ready use, without having to leave it heating all weekend.

Please note: It can take anything from 12 – 24 hours to heat up your Lay-Z-Spa in average English day time summer temperatures.




How do I set my Lay-Z-Spa heater timer?

Below are simple instructions for setting you Lay-Z-Spa hot tub heater timer. You can also download a PDF below to print off for yourself, in case you have lost the instructions included in your Lay-Z-Spa.

STEP 1: Set the heating duration

  1. Press the  button unit the  LED starts to flash.
  2. Press the  or  button to adjust the heating duration (From 1-48 hours).
  3. Press the  button again to confirm the heating duration.

STEP 2: Set the number of hours FROM NOW when the heater will activate

  1. After setting the heating duration, the  LED starts to flash.
  2. Press the  or  or button to adjust the hours until time of activation (from1-24 hours).
  3. Press  button again or simply touch nothing for 10 seconds to confirm the setting. The  LED will light steadily, and the countdown to heater activation will begin.


To modify the timer settings: Press the  button and use the  or  button to adjust.

Cancel the setting: Press the  button for 2 seconds.

NOTE: After setting, the screen flashes the current temperature and time alternately.

NOTE: Timer adjustment (amount of time with the heater ON) may be set from 0 to 48 hours; Reservation time adjustment (the number of hours FROM NOW when the heater will begin to function) may be set from 0 to 24 hours. If the timer is set at 0 hour, it means the Timer function is not set.

Note that the timer is one time per use - the user sets the duration of the heating cycle, and how many hours from now the heating cycle begins. The timer does NOT repeat until reset.