Why do I need to worry about pH?

pH measures how acidic or alkaline your water is. If it is not kept in check you run the risk of damaging your Lay-Z-Spa and causing some irritations. The most common problems associated with both high or low pH levels: 


High pH Readings

Low pH Readings

Poor Sanitizer Efficiency (Chlorine)

Poor Sanitizer Efficiency (Chlorine)

Cloudy Water

Corroded Metals/Equipment

Scale Formation

Skin and Eye Irritation

Shorter Filter Runs

Etched or Stained Plaster

Skin and Eye Irritations

Destruction of Total Alkalinity


What do I need to do about my pH?

The ideal pH range for spas is 7.2 to 7.6. To achieve these readings, you will need to use the test strips to test and adjust the pH using the products and dosages below.

High pH Readings (Above 7.6)

Low pH Readings (Below 7.2)

Add pH Minus

Add pH Plus


pH Minus / Plus Dosages


Please note:
This guide is only applicable to Clearwater Chemicals. If you are using other chemicals, dosages may vary. Dosages are only approximate depending on exact amount of water in your spa, water type, water temperature, positioning of spa, bather load, weather etc.



Water Volume (Litres)

pH Minus / Plus when required. (Ideal 7.2 - 7.6)

Lay-Z-Spa Miami



Lay-Z-Spa Vegas



Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs



Lay-Z-Spa Monaco



One level teaspoon holds approx. 5g of dry product. After treating your Lay-Z-Spa water for pH levels, bathing can start when pH level is 7.2 - 7.6.

WARNING: You must always test your water before use. Water must be at recommended bathing level (7.2 - 7.6) before bathing.