Here at Lay-Z-Spa we love to see customers showing off their unique spa setups. Some of you really go to town on creating the best spa experience possible and we enjoy seeing your own spin on the ideal way to relax in your spa. This got us wondering, who really has Britain's best hot tub setup?

To find out just that we have an exciting new competition to decide once and for all, who has the greatest Lay-Z-Spa setup? This is your chance to shine so don't miss out!

 lay-z-spa setup

Thanks to Stacey Fox for this great example!


What Should I Include in my Photo?

The photos should be appropriate for use on our Facebook page, so be cool guys. Other than that make sure you prominently feature your spa and any little extras that make your setup the greatest. It's up to you if you want to include people in your shot or let your spa take centre stage. Whether it's the addition of decking, a snazzy gazebo, quirky garden, stunning backdrop or anything else this is your chance to really show off what makes your spa setup unique so don't be afraid to get creative! Feel free to let us know in the email about your set up and any work you've had done in your garden, we are always interested in the different ways Lay-Z-spa fans have set up their outdoor space.


What can I Win?

The winner of the competition not only gets to bask in the glory of having The Country's (and probably The World's) best spa setup but will also receive a generous £100 voucher to spend on This can be used to stock up on chemicals, further improve your setup with some of our Lay-Z-Spa accessories or even to add a shiny new hot tub to your garden; it's completely up to you!


How Do I Enter?

Entering couldn't be easier. Simply send a single (one only per entrant) png or JPEG image of your fabulous lay-z-spa setup as an email attachment to [email protected] by 9am on Monday 26th June 2017 to be in with your chance of winning. Make sure photos are less than 8mb in size so that we can receive them without any problems. We wouldn't want to miss a winning spa!

Please include your name and town/city in your email so we can give you a proper shout out!


How Will the Winner Be Decided?

we will post the entries or shortlist as an album on Facebook on Tuesday 27th June and the winner will be the photo with the most likes by Tuesday 4th July at 9am. We will email you to let you know when the vote goes live so you can share your 15 minutes of fame with friends and family and boost your chances of winning.


Anything Else I Should Know?

By submitting a photo to this competition you give us permission to use it on our other social media pages and in our own advertising material. Your setup could be seen by thousands so make sure to show it in its best light. If we receive an overwhelming number of entries then the best of the best will be shortlisted by the Lay-Z-Spa team prior to going live on the Facebook page. Once you've submitted your photo you just need to be ready to support your entry once the vote goes live.


Think you have what it takes? Make sure to send your photo to [email protected] by 9am on Monday 26th June for your chance to win the grand prize.