Exclusive to the Range, Transport yourself to the warm waters of the French Polynesia with the Lay-Z-Spa™ Tahiti AirJet™. Incorporating 81 Soothing AirJets™, integrated LED Lighting System and finished in a modern grey TriTech™ outer shell, the Tahiti delivers tranquillity, mood lighting and contemporary style.


Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti

Exclusive to The Range Only.

Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti AirJet


Comfortably Fits 2-4 People

Spacious enough for 2-4 people to comfortably sit, the Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti’s compact size makes it great for those who have limited indoor or outdoor space. So whether you’re hosting family and friends or having a romantic night in with a love one, the Tahiti has enough space for you to it back and truly relax.

 81 AirJets™ Massage System

The Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti has a built-in AirJet™ massage system which has been thoughtfully designed to help deliver many hydro-therapy benefits. At a touch of a button, the 81 all-encompassing AirJets will come to life to provide a stimulating body-massage which stimulates blood circulation, helping the body to recover faster.

40°C Rapid Heating System

The Tahiti’s digital AirJet pump is able to rapidly heat the spa’s water to a delightful 40°C. It can even heat the hot tub, operate the invigorating massage system and filter the water simultaneously.

Stunning Multicolour LED Lighting System

The Tahiti’s unique built-in Multicolour LED Lighting System can be activated to match your mood so you can easily transform any spa session into a spectacular light show. Great for relaxing by yourself or with family and friends, the Tahiti can get the party started or let you drift into a state of total serenity.

Energy Saving Timer

The Energy Saving Timer function lets you decide when your spa heats up. This not only means the spa is at optimum temperature for when you return home from a busy day at work, it also saves money by only heating up when you need it to.

Premium TriTech Material™

Made from ultra-strong premium TriTech™ material, the Lay-Z-Spa Tahiti delivers on appearance and performance. In addition to its puncture resistant shell, the Tahiti also boasts an I-Beam construction that offers structural integrity even when inflated and delated repeatedly season after season.

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