The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Lay-Z-Spa in 2021

Why is it hard to buy a Lay-Z-Spa this year?

Since we launched the first inflatable hot tub over 10 years ago, we’ve seen the popularity of Lay-Z-Spa rise rapidly year on year.

Over the past 18 months, lockdowns and travel restrictions have boosted the popularity of Lay-Z-Spa even further with people wanting to create their own oasis at home.

This combined with the delays in global shipping caused by the pandemic and more recently the Suez Canal blockage, has meant that not only are Lay-Z-Spa’s selling out very quickly but also that some of our deliveries are arriving later in the season than normal.

Is there more Lay-Z-Spa stock arriving?

Yes! We have more stock arriving all the time so keep your eyes peeled. Over the coming days, weeks, and months there is much more stock arriving at retailers and available directly from

How can I find a Lay-Z-Spa?

  • Sign-up for stock notifications at - we notify everyone in the order that they signed up to make it as fair as possible. We only send out the same number of emails as we have stock available. We have also limited hot tub orders to 1 per person.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram - we regularly post updates when stock becomes available and who from. This will include informing you when retailers get their exclusive models - the ones you can only buy from them.
  • Look in store - many of the well-known retailers we work with are only putting stock in store and not online this year.
  • Look online - some of our smaller lesser-known retailers mainly operate online.
  • Sign-up for stock notifications on
How to buy an inflatable hot tub from Lay-Z-Spa.

Why is there no stock of a particular model available directly from at the moment but it is available at a retailer?

When a retailer buys stock from us, it goes directly from our international factory to the retailer and not to our own warehouse. Retailers place orders for stock months and sometimes up to a year in advance of when it arrives.

Why aren’t you pre-selling hot tubs on at the moment?

  • With such significant disruption and delays in shipping at this time, we have decided that it is best if we only sell the stock when it has arrived at our warehouse or is close to arriving. This helps to avoid any disappointment of delays for our customers and also allows our customer service team to focus on supporting existing customers rather than order administration for new sales.
  • The good news is that once stock is available, you won’t have to wait long to receive it from us and any delays should be kept to a minimum.

Why don’t I just buy a Lay-Z-Spa from a Private Seller on eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

  • You are likely to pay a much higher price than you need to.
  • You won’t be covered under our manufacturer’s warranty if you buy from a private seller.
  • You won’t have a right to cancel or return.
  • The seller probably won’t be able to help you if you encounter any issues.
Why buy Lay-Z-Spa? We're the UK's most trusted portable hot tubs and offer a range of benefits you won't get with other inflatable spa brands.

Why should I wait to buy a Lay-Z-Spa instead of another inflatable hot tub brand?

Reputation: Lay-Z-Spa is the UK’s best-selling and most 5-star reviewed hot tub brand*. Our reviews are genuine and un-incentivized, giving you the peace of mind that that you’re reading honest and trustworthy feedback from some of the 750,000 current Lay-Z-Spa owners around the UK. Lay-Z-Spa is also accredited by reputable sources such as T3, Real Homes, BISHTA, Channel 4’s The Gadget Show, UK Pool & Spa Awards, Which?, Cosmopolitan and more…

Affordability and Ease of Use: Having pioneered inflatable hot tubs in the UK for over a decade, we are now able to offer the most premium hot tubs, that will rival any solid hot tub, at an affordable price. A Lay-Z-Spa hot tub is portable and easy to setup and pack down multiple times depending on how and when you want to use it. You can find a range of styles, capacities, designs, massage systems, and prices that suit you best. Use the filtered search on our hot tub range to explore these.

Choice of Massage Systems: With Lay-Z-Spa you have a choice of 3 different massage systems depending on your personal preferences. Get to know the difference here.

Features & Technology: Lay-Z-Spa has market-leading features and patented technologies across the range. Many premium features come as standard in every model including our rapid heating system, Freezeshield™ technology for all year round use, an energy‑saving timer, the ChemConnect dispenser, built‑in cup holders, inflatable lid and reinforced insulating cover with safety lock clips & advanced safety features.

More advanced features such as wifi compatibility, EnergySense™ insulation, built-in seats, and integrated LED lighting systems are available with specific models.

Energy-Efficiency: Our standard inflatable hot tubs are the most energy-efficient** inflatable hot tubs available. We take measures to ensure our products are as energy and cost-effective as possible and continuously offer tips & advice to users.

Warranty & Support: At Lay-Z-Spa, we’re here to help you get the most out of your portable spa which is why we offer free extendable warranties of up to 2 years. Whenever you need product support, we have expansive troubleshooting on our website, setup videos, downloadable manuals, and a dedicated UK Customer Care team.

No Extra Hidden Costs: Unlike some other brands, there are no hidden extra costs. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get going including an insulating lid and top cover. The only extras you need immediately are chemicals to treat your water. We also offer a standard warranty which can be extended at no extra cost.

Find out more at Why Lay-Z-Spa?

Explore our range of hot tubs and discover your perfect Lay-Z-Spa

*According to verified reviews from Amazon and TrustPilot as of 22nd February 2020.
** According to an independent study of comparable products by comparable brands.