Complete Cleaning Pack

  • Save £8.98 off RRP with our hot tub cleaning bundle
  • Everything you need to clean your hot tub
  • Specifically designed for Lay-Z-Spa® but suitable for any hot tub
  • Includes All-In-One Cleaning Kit, Miracle Cleaning Pads and Hot Tub Surface Cleaning Spray

This bundle contains the following

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1 x All-In-One Cleaning Kit   + £27.50
1 x Miracle Pad (3 Pack)   + £4.99
1 x Hot Tub Surface Cleaner, Anti-Bacterial, 500ml   + £12.50

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Hot Tub Cleaning Pack
Complete Cleaning Pack

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    Product details

    About Complete Cleaning Pack

    Everything you need to clean your Lay-Z-Spa, the hot tub bundle includes: All-In-One Cleaning Kit, Miracle Cleaning Pads and Hot Tub Surface Spray Cleaner.

    All-In-One Cleaning Kit:

    As one of the ultimate Lay‑Z‑Spa® hot tub accessories, the All‑in‑One Cleaning Kit is the ideal solution to keeping your hot tub functioning at its best.

    The deep net is perfect for collecting debris, and can be used handheld or on an extension pole if you need some extra reach. It has a specially tailored scoop with a rubber bumper to protect the sides of your inflatable hot tub, helping to avoid any unwanted accidents or damage. The scrubbing mitt’s bonded scrubbing pad allows you to deep clean the inside of your spa whilst reducing the risk of putting any harsh chemicals near your hands, making it ideal for those hard‑to‑reach areas.  The nylon brush included also has a special rubber bumper and soft bristles to ensure that cleaning doesn't cause premature wear to your spa whilst still allowing outstanding results.

    It is the ideal 3‑in‑1 cleaning kit to keep your Lay‑Z‑Spa® in tip‑top shape. 

    Miracle Cleaning Pads:

    The Miracle Cleaning Pad offers a unique, environmentally friendly and chemical‑free way to clean your hot tub, pool and much more.

    You don't need detergent or bleach as this sponge becomes rough when exposed to water, yet safe for inflatable surfaces. Simply add water to the pad and rub away dirt and grime. The ClearWater Miracle pad is fantastic for cleaning hot tubs and pools as there is no need to use potentially harmful chemicals near the water.

    Hot Tub Surface Cleaner:

    The ClearWater Anti‑Bacterial Vinyl Surface Cleaner is designed for easy hot tub and pool cleaning and maintenance.

    The non‑abrasive surface cleaner is specially designed for use on vinyl material and safe to use on all inflatable hot tubs and above‑ground pools. It effectively removes harmful bacteria and any oils, grease or cosmetics that build up on the surface and outside of your pool or hot tub from general day‑to‑day use.

    Like any regular surface cleaner, you simply spray onto the area you would like to clean and wipe off with a clean cloth. To use the ClearWater Anti‑Bac Vinyl Surface Cleaner to clean scum lines when water is still in your hot tub, spray on a clean cloth first and rub on the affected area.