Say Yes To Family Time With A Lay-Z-Spa

We may wish the winter days away until summer comes around again, but have you noticed that it feels like we actually see less of the family during the warmer months? We have to hand it to them, those winter nights tend to see us huddled on the sofa watching a film and chatting far more often than we do on warm summer evenings, and that means fewer chats with the kids at this time of year.

Family time with Lay-Z-Spa

New research has found that one in four parents feel too busy to spend enough time with their kids. In fact, 34 minutes is the amount of time the average family gets to spend together each day according to Highland Spring.

With 86% of families saying they are always on the lookout for activities they can do together, a hot tub is a great way to get the family hanging out more all year round. There’s something about those inviting bubbles that make them even more welcoming after a busy day at work or school, and we bet you as soon as you set yours up in your outside space you’ll start gravitating to the spa for impromptu family time.

Enjoy family time with Lay-Z-Spa

Spending just over two hours a day or a total of 30 days online and in front of a screen a year, it tends to take lots of nagging for everyone to ditch their iPads, phones and laptops before you enjoy some time together. That’s where a Lay-Z-Spa comes in. The perfect distraction from the screen, sit back and catch up on your days, or let off some steam and play games while the bubbles and jets work their magic.

Lay-Z-Spa for all the family

Our range of Lay-Z-Spa models includes a choice to suit every family, from smaller clans to larger groups. Why not let the kids invite their best pals over to enjoy your hot tub after school? They’ll be able to share the luxury of their own bubbling spa with their friends, and you get to keep an eye on them while they have a good old time in the garden.

If your kids are at that age when hanging out with mum and dad isn’t quite as exciting as it used to be for them, we’ve a feeling the arrival of a glamorous inflatable hot tub will put a little oomph back into family time!

So, why not treat your family to the perfect excuse to spend more time together this summer? Find your perfect Lay-Z-Spa today.