Exercise recovery with a hot tub

Whether you’ve completed a workout, HIIT session, jog or any kind of exercise, recovery is key. A hot tub is hugely beneficial for exercise recovery, especially if you plan on exercising again soon. More and more studies and research reveal the benefits hot tubs have after exercise.

What does science say?

Studies have been conducted on athletes, sports teams, average participants and even less able elderly participants. Overall, hot water immersion after any form excercise is beneficial.

  • Hydrotherapy reduces the physiological and functional deficits associated with delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Warm underwater massaging after exercise increases the release of proteins from muscle tissue into the blood and enhances the maintenance of neuro-muscular performance capacity.
  • Enhanced range of vascular and some blood marker responses. 

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Get in a hot tub shortly after exercise

After exercise, get in a hot tub within a couple of hours. Early application of heat will reduce pain and start muscle recovery much quicker. A hot tub is a great tool for recovery because the heat of the water increases blood flow which delivers oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue helping with healing and reparation.

Relax and feel weightless

Intense physical activity can be demanding on both the body and the mind. The buoyancy of the water does wonders for any sore or stiff limbs or muscles and allows you to do some gentle stretching without too much pressure. Hot tubs create a peaceful environment for mental rejuvenation too which means you can relax your mind and soothe your body at the same time.

Don't just take our word for it...

There are many athletes, sportspersons and fitness fanatics who already maximise their performance and recovery with the help of hot tubs. British Olympic swimmer Matt Richards MBE talked to us about the benefits of using a Lay-Z-Spa for his recovery and former rugby player James Haskell discussed recovery and wellbeing.

Why use a hot tub for exercise recovery?

The short answer is that a hot tub will help you heal and recover much faster and is an enjoyable experience.

Hydrotherapy has a multitude of benefits for the body after exercise, and even not after exercise. hot tubs offer a range of health benefits that help towards healthy living.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs offer an affordable way to achieve hot tub recovery benefits from home. Explore our range of award-winning hot tubs right here.

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