How To Set Up A Lay-Z-Spa In Winter

Whether you've just got a brand new Lay-Z-Spa or you're planning to set yours up again to enjoy the luxuriously warm water on a crisp winter evening, setting up an inflatable hot tub in winter requires a little more consideration. We have put together this comprehensive guide to setting up a Lay-Z-Spa in winter so that you can start enjoying those spa sessions and feel those winter wellness benefits.

Keep your pump and liner warm before setting up

When the temperature outside is 10°C or less, keep your pump and liner indoors at a temperature of 15°C or above for at least 2 hours prior to setup. At room temperature, the liner will be more flexible and easier to set up. If your pump is too cold when setting up, you might get an E03 message indicating it is too cold to function. Or, you might get an E02 message. This is because the Freeze Shield™ feature has detected it is cold and is trying to circulate warm water.*

Choose a suitable location

We recommend that you position your hot tub in a sheltered location, ideally with a cover or a roof. This will reduce wind chill, which helps with your hot tub energy costs, and protects you and your hot tub from the elements. Many all-season Lay‑Z‑Spa users place their hot tub in a purpose-built and insulated surround or in a customised shed or gazebo.

Prepare the area for your Lay-Z-Spa

Before setting up a Lay-Z-Spa in winter, it is a good idea to clean and dry the space where you will position your hot tub. You need a flat level ground and we always recommend adding a floor protector which minimises heat loss through the bottom of your hot tub and acts as a protective layer for the base.  

Top tips on setting up a lazy spa in winter

Inflate the Lay-Z-Spa indoors

In order to keep your pump warm, inflate your hot tub liner and lid indoors. Attach the stopper caps to the debris screens inside your liner and carefully take your inflated liner outside making sure no damage occurs. If you don’t have space to inflate indoors – make sure the pump is only outside in the cold for inflation, then take it straight back inside to warm up.

Leave the pump indoors whilst your fill up

Once your Lay-Z-Spa is in position, you can start filling it up with water. This can take 1-2 hours depending on water pressure and the size of your Lay-Z-Spa. In winter, we recommend filling your Lay-Z-Spa from the hot tap (ensure the water is no hotter than 40°C and that you have added a thin layer of cold water to the spa first). This is the most energy-efficient way of ensuring you reach your desired temperature more quickly when you start heating.

Heat your Lay-Z-Spa with the lid on

When the Lay-Z-Spa is filled, attach the pump and remove the stopper caps. Insert your insulating lid into the top cover and fasten it to the top of the Lay-Z-Spa. Now you're ready to start heating the water. The Lay‑Z‑Spa pump heats the water up at approximately 1.5‑2°C/h (3‑4°F/h) per hour. So, in the colder months with cold water, you will need at least 24 hours before you can use it.

Now, you're ready to go!

Once you've got your chemicals balanced, you're ready to enjoy the luxurious 40°C water and soothing massage systems. It is also important that you maintain and look after your Lay-Z-Spa in winter so that you can keep enjoying it time and time again without worry.

Insulate Your Lay-Z-Spa

In winter, the cold outside temperature makes your pump work a little bit harder to maintain the water at the temperature you have set. The Lay-Z-Spa thermal cover is the perfect winter hot tub accessory to help keep that heat in.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tub thermal cover

*How to troubleshoot E03 & E02 when setting up

If you do get an E02 or E03 message when setting up your Lay-Z-Spa in the cold and you haven't quite got as far as connecting the pump or even inflating the liner, there is a trick you can use. Tip your pump into its back and pour warm water into the pipes - this will warm the internal elements and you will be able to use the pump again. Just make sure it doesn't have time to get cold again.