Reduce Running Costs With The Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub Cover

From the materials we use to right through to the energy-saving features included with every Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, we are very conscious about energy consumption and therefore continuously developing our products so that they can continue to provide that affordable luxury in a place where you can relax and unwind at home. With energy prices rising, the Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub Cover is the must‑have insulating accessory to help reduce your hot tub running costs, at any time of year.

If you already own a Lay-Z-Spa, you have peace of mind that you already own one of the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs on the market and this thermal cover will help your hot tub be up to 40% more energy-efficient. If you own an inflatable hot tub by a different brand, the Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub Cover can significantly help with your hot tub running costs by giving it some much-needed insulation.

Make Your Hot Tub Up To 40% More Energy Efficient

thermal cover for inflatable hot tub to help reduce running costs

Helping you to heat the water quicker and keeping the heat in for longer, thanks to its double layer of thermal insulation, Lay-Z-Spa's insulating hot tub cover is the most convenient way of making your hot tub more cost-effective as it will require less energy to run.

With a Duraplus™ outer, a thick layer of insulating cotton, and an anti‑mildew treated interior, the specially designed construction offers convenient hot tub insulation that is easy to put on and take off. The hot tub insulation helps to keep the heat in at all times; whether you are heating up from cold, keeping the hot tub at a set temperature and even after turning off the heater altogether. With less heat escaping, your hot tub requires less energy to keep it heated.

It is a combination of the prevention of heat loss and reduced amount of energy required that allows these thermal covers to make your inflatable hot tub up to 40% more energy-efficient. In the long run, this will bring your hot tub energy costs down.

High-Quality & Durable Thermal Hot Tub Cover

This insulating hot tub cover can help reduce hot tub running costs and protect your hot tub.

From morning dew to heavy downpours, frosty mornings to beating sunlight, strong winds to curious pets, the thermal hot tub covers are built to last through every season, year after year. They are made from Duraplus™, which is the same ultra‑tough UV resistant and water repellent material as our hot tubs, and they have double‑stitched seams to make them stronger and more impermeable.

Designed to fit any make of inflatable hot tub, with 5 sizes available (2 of which are coming later in the year), the Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tub thermal cover is easy to put on and take off. It includes a zippered door that you leave on for a built‑in pump or remove for external pumps. under the zippered door it has child-proof, safety lock clips on an adjustable strap so that you can ensure the thermal cover is tightly secured and it won’t budge, even in windy conditions.

Which Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Cover Fits My Hot Tub?

*Please note that the 180cm round does not give a complete fit to the Helsinki and Napa leaving a few cm uncovered at the bottom. You may want to consider the 196cm but this will have a more baggy fit.

How Much Can I Save With The Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Cover?

There are many factors around the contributing costs of a hot tub. Please see how you can reduce hot tub running costs in this blog.

Here is an example of how the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub cover can reduce your running costs, based on a 669 litre Miami AirJet™ being kept at 40°C in April 2022:

  • Miami Airjet™ without a cover = £0.14 per hour
  • Miami Airjet™ with a cover = £0.08 per hour

Reduce Your Hot Tub Running Costs Even More

energy saving hot tub cover

Keep an eye on our blog for existing and new tips and advice about reducing your hot tub energy costs. This can be as simple as filling up with water from the hot tap, using a floor mat, choosing an EnergySense™ Lay-Z-Spa, and even advice for winter.