Introducing the Lay-Z-Spa Zurich AirJet™

The Zurich AirJet™ is our newest energy-efficient Lay-Z-Spa with a specially designed insulating outer cover that helps retain heat and saves on energy costs. It has a nice compact size which is ideal for small spaces and is the perfect hot tub for enjoying a spa experience all year round.

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Comfortably fits up to 6 people

The energy-efficient Lay-Z-Spa Zurich AirJet™ is an ideal size for a couple or small family but doesn't compromise on relaxation. It doesn't require much space in the garden and its aesthetically pleasing suede look fits in with most garden designs.

120 AirJet Massage System

At the touch of a button, the Zurich AirJet™ will have you surrounded by thousands of tiny therapeutic bubbles. There are 120 powerful AirJets™ around the outer circumference of the base.

4 person inflatable hot tub with winter cover

EnergySense™ Insulated Cover

The Zurich is our second Lay-Z-Spa with an EnergySense™ outer liner and top cover. This helps speed up heating and considerably reduces heat loss, making it 40% more energy efficient when compared to similar inflatable hot tubs.

Intelligent 40°C Heating System

Lay-Z-Spa’s rapid heating system allows the water to quickly reach a blissful 40°C and turns off once it reaches your desired temperature. The thermostatic heating only comes back in if the water drops a few degrees.

Energy efficient Lay-Z-Spa with insulating cover

Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Features

As well as the EnergySense™ cover, the Zurich includes an insulating inflatable lid to help prevent heat from escaping from the top and an energy-saving timer. The time lets you set when you want the hot tub to heat so you are not using energy unnecessarily.

Winter use with Freeze Shield™

The automatic Freeze Shield™ function turns on if the outside temperature drops below 6°C and it will heat your Zurich up to 10°C. The Energy Sense™ cover will then keep that heat in for longer and prevent the need for Freeze Shield™ to kick in again for a while.

Lay-Z-Spa Zurich Dimensions & Specifications

Item Number:60065
Capacity:2-4 adults
Size:180cm x 66cm (71” x 26”)
Inner Size:φ 132cm (φ 52” )
Water Capacity:669 L (177 gal.)
Filled Weight:704 kg (1,552 lbs)
Maximum Water Depth:52 cm (20")

All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are available on 0% finance with Klarna and a with warranty of up to 2 years. Looking to find out more about Lay-Z-Spa and why you should choose Lay-Z-Spa? Then visit our Why Lay-Z-Spa page.