3 Reasons Why You Need To Add A Hot Tub To Your Daily Routine

We think enjoying a hot tub in your garden is about more than just owning a hot tub – it’s a lifestyle. Our inflatable spas are easy to set up, so taking some time out to yourself is as simple as stepping outside and stealing a little time in those warm swirling waters. It’s not all about indulging though…as the benefits of life with your own Lay-Z-Spa are countless. We know that taking those dips in your hot tub on a regular basis can have a fantastic impact on your health and wellbeing – so here are just three of the ways they can help you boost your health.

Hot tubs can help improved your immune system

1. Improved Immune System

Our immune systems may not be something we pay a huge amount of thought to, but when those winter colds and office bugs show their faces we suddenly start wishing we made a little more effort to keep it in top bug-fighting condition. The good news is that the massaging features and warm waters of our hot tubs combine to create hydrotherapy, stimulating white blood cells.

The increased blood flow is responsible for pushing impurities from our immune systems, making them stronger. Once you start slipping into your spa for those regular AirJet massage sessions, we’re confident you’ll have a higher immunity to those coughs and colds.

Detox with a hot tub routine

2. Regular Detox

Even the most clean-living amongst us need the odd detox to keep our bodies smiling on the inside (and the outside for that matter) and a hot tub is actually a fantastic way to detox. While you’re busy unwinding in that relaxing warm water, your body temperature will be rising, so you will begin to perspire without feeling uncomfortable.

That means your body is getting rid of those toxins and impurities through your skin. It may not sound glamorous but it’s a great thing to do when you can. So, that quiet session in your hot tub after a busy weekend may do even more than just help you to unwind.

Using a Lay-Z-Spa For Fitness

3. It’s Great For Fitness

Now we know what you’re thinking, lying back on those comfy seats and dreaming while the water massages you isn’t really exercise, but believe it or not, your hot tub can help keep you in shape. Many an athlete rounds off a workout with a session in a hot tub, reaping the benefits of hydrotherapy to help their muscles to recover from the training.

If you’re keen to get into shape but find the whole idea a little daunting, trying some gentle exercise routines in your spa is a great way to get started, as the water will relieve pressure on your joints and leave you feeling buoyant, making a gentle workout feel even easier. If you overdo the workout at the gym and need to give your muscles a little TLC, the hot tub can raise your temperature and boost your circulation, helping to heal those injured tissues.

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