Lay-Z-Spa's Energy-Saving Features & Technology

With over a decade of innovation and technological development, Lay-Z-Spa aims to offer the highest quality home spa experience with ease and comfort at an affordable price. We’re very conscious of general hot tub running costs such as energy consumption, regular maintenance and chemical treatment. To help keep costs down as best as we can, Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs come with a range of highly beneficial energy-efficient features and technology as standard and at no extra cost, which all contribute to Lay-Z-Spa being the most energy-efficient hot tub brand.

Energy-Saving features with all Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs:

Insulating Lid

Specially designed to fit snuggly inside the protective top cover, the Lay-Z-Spa inflatable lid is an essential part of hot tub insulation for better energy efficiency. Creating an insulating barrier between the warm water and the outside world, it helps to prevent heat loss and reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the hot tub warm. Using the lid when heating up the water allows you to reach your desired temperature quicker and when the hot tub is not being used, this energy‑saving hot tub accessory helps keep the heat in for longer.

Thermostatic Heating System

Lay-Z-Spa’s advanced Heating System not only quickly heats your water up to your desired temperature but it will actually stop heating when it does reach that temperature. Only once the temperature drops a few degrees will it then turn on again – much like a central heating system at home. This is a beneficial energy-efficient feature that helps cut down those energy costs.

Power Saving Timer

The Power Saving Timer helps reduce any unnecessary energy consumption such as heating your water when you don’t need to. It allows you to program the pump to start and stop heating when you want and set your desired temperature too. If you wanted to use your hot tub when you come home from work, you can set the timer to heat the hot tub from, say, mid-afternoon rather than turning on the heat in the morning and having it running all day.

Freeze Shield™ Technology

This pioneering hot tub technology means that a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub can be safely used all year round and allows you to keep your hot tub out in winter even if you’re not using it frequently. Freeze Shield automatically detects when the temperature drops below 6°C and then switches on to heat your water up to 10°C. It means you don’t need to have a constant heat source in your water and is therefore the most energy-efficient way of keeping your Lay-Z-Spa out in winter.

Duraplus™ Material

Unique to Lay-Z-Spa, Duraplus™ is an ultra-strong, comfortable and thick material that offers unrivaled durability and its thickness helps keep the heat in longer. The multi-layer design has three layers of polyester mesh and PVC which help create an insulating barrier. This is one of the contributing factors towards Lay-Z-Spa being found to be the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tub brand during an independent laboratory test.

Energy-saving hot tub features that help keep costs down.

Energy-Saving features with Select Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs:

EnergySense™ Insulated Covers

Lay-Z-Spa currently has two models with EnergySense™; the award-winning Barbados AirJet and the Zurich AirJet. This integrated thermal insulation offers 40% more energy efficiency than comparable inflatable hot tubs. The energy‑saving insulated hot tub outer liner is comprised of a layer of foam enclosed in an aluminium coating and is wrapped in 2 layers of DuraPlus™ material. This means the hot tub heats quicker and holds the heat in for longer making it one of the most energy‑efficient and cost‑effective inflatable hot tubs available.

WiFi App Control

With similar benefits to the Power Saving Timer, Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs with WiFi connectivity give you complete control of your hot tub from remote locations. You can control your functions even if you’re not at home so that your Lay-Z-Spa is ready to be used when you get back. This is great for not having to leave your hot tub constantly running and really helps prevent using power unnecessarily.

Reduced Energy Massage Regulation

Available on selected Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, this function offers up to 50% reduced energy consumption when using the massage system. This gives control over the amount of energy being used to power the massage system without a noticeable difference in the intensity of the AirJets. You can relax in a cloud of bubbles knowing you're using less energy.

Hot Tub Energy-Saving With A Thermal Cover

If you're looking to make your hot tub even more energy-efficient, the Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Hot Tub Covers will help keep that heat in and heat your hot tub up quicker. This insulating accessory is an extra but it will help make your hot tub up to 40% more energy-efficient.

inflatable hot tub thermal cover
Insulating thermal cover for inflatable hot tubs