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First Look: Brand-new Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs

We're very excited to introduce the early release of 4 brand new Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs from the 2022 range. These exciting new models perfectly showcase Lay‑Z‑Spa's innovation, technology and design

We have hand‑picked these Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs from the 2022 range, based on their variety of creative new designs and features, to offer an exclusive pre‑order offer so that you can be one of the first to relax in a brand new Lay‑Z‑Spa.


Warranties & Support

Lay-Z-Spa has a UK-based support team and offers up to 2 year warranty 

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs

Standard features and independent testing makes Lay-Z-Spa the most energy-efficient

Lay-Z-Spa Free Delivery

Free UK Delivery

All hot tub orders receive a free Gold Starter Kit and get free UK delivery

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs On Finance

0% Finance

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Lay-Z-Spa Santorini HydroJet Pro

Santorini HydroJet Pro™ 

Boasting more HydroJets than any other Lay‑Z‑Spa and a brand new integrated seating design, the Santorini HydroJet Pro™ is a premium Lay‑Z‑Spa offering the ultimate home spa experience for up to 7 people. 10 HydroJets™ and 180 AirJets™ will let you indulge in a deeply therapeutic spa session whilst comfortably seated on the inflatable bench.

Pre-Order Exclusive Offer: Save £200 off the RRP

Hollywood AirJet™ 

With a show‑stopping integrated LED lighting system and semi‑transparent exterior, the Hollywood AirJet™ is all about the lights, inside and out, thanks to its innovative patterned design. Suitable for up to 6 people, and including 4 soft‑touch pillows for extra comfort, you can sit back and relax in the invigorating all‑surrounding 140 AirJet™ massage system.

Pre-Order Exclusive Offer: Save £100 off the RRP

Lay-Z-Spa with Lights
Energy-Efficient Lay-Z-Spa Zurich AirJet

Zurich AirJet™ 

Suitable for up to 4 people, the Zurich AirJet™ is all about energy efficiency and comfort. Its elegant suede‑look EnergySense™ insulated liner and top cover make the Zurich 40% more energy efficient than other inflatable hot tubs. Complete with a soothing 120 AirJet™ massage system and 40°C water, it offers the ultimate year‑round home spa experience.

Pre-Order Exclusive Offer: Save £100 off the RRP

Mauritius AirJet™ 

With a brand new embossed wood finish, large oval shape, and 7 person capacity, the Lay‑Z‑Spa Mauritius AirJet™ is an unbeatable social space to relax and unwind. You, your family and your friends will be invigorated by the powerful 180 AirJet™ massage system and 40°C water.

Pre-Order Exclusive Offer: Save £100 off the RRP

Large oval Lay-Z-Spa hot tub