Inflatable Lid for Palm Springs AirJet™ 2019/2020

  • Improve Insulation
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Cover can be conveniently rolled up to easily store away
  • Specifically designed for the Lay-Z-Spa® Palm Springs AirJet™ 2019/2020 models only
  • Dimensions: 77" x 28"/196cm x 71cm

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About Inflatable Lid for Palm Springs AirJet™ 2019/2020

What part is this a replacement for?

The Lay-Z-Spa® Palm Springs AirJet™ 2019/2020 model inflatable lid is a direct replacement for the inflatable part of the lid.

Why do I need an inflatable lid?

An inflatable lid is essential to providing insulation to your Lay-Z-Spa®. This helps to maintain water temperature when the spa has been switched off. It also helps to speed up the heating of your Lay-Z-Spa®. It's important to note that the lid should be placed inside the cover before inflating. This lid can also be used with the Palm Springs HydroJet™ Model.

Please Note: The replacement will be smaller than the original when you initially inflate it.

The inflatable lid is made from a vinyl material that can take approximately 6 - 8 weeks to fully expand. The outside air temperature along with the temperature of the water in the spa can help speed this up. Once fully expanded, the lid will look the same as before.