Re-introducing the Lay-Z-Spa Saint Tropez AirJet™

The Lay-Z-Spa Saint Tropez AirJet™ has had a re-vamp for 2021. Now with even more AirJets, the brand-new pump and Freeze Shield™, you can close your eyes and imagine you’re on the sunny south coast of France any day of the year.

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Comfortably fits up to up to 6 people

With a capacity large enough for 4-6 adults, the Saint Tropez AirJet™ has a spacious interior that gives plenty of space to relax and unwind or to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Soothing 140 AirJet™ massage system

At the touch of a button, on the digitally controlled pump, you can surround yourself with thousands of tiny therapeutic bubbles that rise up from the base of the spa and engulf you into a blissful spa experience.

Inflatable hot tub with LED Lights. The ultimate hot tub accessory is included for free with this Lay-Z-Spa.

Floating LED Light

The Saint Tropez AirJet™ includes a floating LED hot tub light so you can set the ambiance in your hot tub to your liking. It features 4 super-bright LEDs in 4 colours (yellow, red, blue and green) with 7 flashing light functions.

Freeze Shield™ Technology

With Lay‑Z‑Spa's pioneering Freeze Shield™ technology, you never have to worry about the water freezing and you can keep your hot tub out all year long. Freeze Shield™ will automatically increase warm water circulation when the temperature drops.

6 person hot tub. Portable spa with LED Lights.

40°C Rapid Heating System

Quickly heat up your water to your desired temperature with the rapid heating system. Able to reach up to 40°C, you can use the heat, massage and filter at the same time.

Energy-Saving Timer

The energy saving timer not only saves energy by “switching off” the Lay‑Z‑Spa Saint Tropez AirJet™ when it’s not in use, but it also allows you to schedule when you want the hot tub to start heating up so it’s ready for when you get home.

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WiFi Compatible

The Saint Tropez AirJet™ has WiFi connectivity which means you can connect it to the Lay-Z-Spa App and control your hot tub from a smart device and even use voice control.

2 Levels of Massage Intensity

You can enjoy the full power of the 140 AirJet™ massage system or reduce it by 50% for a more calming and soothing experience. Either way, you'll be floating in a relaxing cloud of warm bubbles and enjoying the benefits of the Lay-Z-Spa massage system.

Lay-Z-Spa St Tropez Dimensions & Specification

Item Number:60089
Capacity:4-6 adults
Size:196cm x 61cm (77” x 24”)
Inner Size146cm (57”)
Water Capacity:775 L (205 gal.)
Filled Weight:806 kg (1,777 lbs)
Maximum Water Depth:46 cm (18")

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