Introducing The Lay-Z-Spa Riviera AirJet™

Named after the Mediterranean coast of south-eastern France, the Lay-Z-Spa Riviera AirJet™ is a variant of the hugely popular Lay-Z-Spa Vegas AirJet™ and is exclusive to Tesco. Available in contemporary matte brown and powered by 87 soothing massage AirJets, you can have a spa day every day from the comfort of your home. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, get the party started or relax with those most special to you.

Lay-Z-Spa Riviera Airjet

Comfortably Fits 4-6 People

Great for a growing family, the Lay-Z-Spa Riviera AirJet provides enough space to comfortably seat 4-6 people. It’s also compact enough to fit in most indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can create your own special spa area.

87 AirJets™ Massage System

The Riviera is home to the renowned AirJet™ technology, able to provide a powerful rejuvenating massage. The 87 integrated AirJets™ encircle the perimeter of the spa floor, so every spa user gets the full massage experience.

40°C Rapid Heating System

The included digital pump features an integrated thermostat which lets you control the Riviera’s water temperature with ultimate precision. Able to heat the water up to a pleasurable 40°C the Riviera also provides hydrotherapy benefits by encouraging blood flow and helping muscles to relax. Heating the hot tub, running the massage system and filter the water simultaneously using just the pump.

Energy Saving Timer

Created to save on energy and heating costs, the Power Saving Timer lets you schedule exactly when your Riviera begins to heat up. This gives you total peace of mind that your spa is ready at your desired temperature when you return from work.

Portable. Durable. Insulated.

Portable and adaptable, the Riviera can be set up practically anywhere with a flat surface. Structural integrity is provided by the circular beam construction, that not only provides comfort for spa users, it also ensures stability. This coupled with the included leatheroid cover delivers robustness and insulation.

Lay-Z-Spa Riviera Dimensions & Specifications

Item Number:BW12220
Capacity:4 - 6 Adults
Size:196cm x 61cm (77" x 24'')
Water Capacity (80%):916 L (242 Gal)
Filled Weight:954kg (2103lb)
Voltage:220-240~50Hz, 2050W at   20°C, Class II
Actual Water Flow:1,211L/h (320 Gal/h)