Is there an E06 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing an electrical fault.

We recommend following these troubleshooting steps to get back in your Lay-Z-Spa in no time.

Step 1 - Test the alarm button:

This error code is visible if there is an issue with the pump’s alarming system. This error code is also caused by an issue with the current variation. This can be caused by an issue with the power supply and drop in power to the pump.

Please follow these reset steps to resolve this, making sure you are leaving 10 seconds between each step:

  1. Start of by turning the pump off and unplugging this from the power supply.
  2. Turn Pump On at the power and power supply on the pump itself.
  3. Press Test
  4. Turn plug off and remove from socket
  5. Plug back in and turn on
  6. On the PRCD (black box) press: Reset → Test → Reset.
  7. Hold down the On / Off button on the pump for 5 seconds.
  8. Press thermal reset button (See pictures below for location)
  9. Press heater button – pump should be working with no error codes visible.

Here is a link to our thermal reset video:

Step 2 - Check power supply:

Your pump unit must always be plugged into a grounded mains plug socket. You must not attempt to run the unit off of a coiled extension lead or a spur. This can cause the pump to stop working. Please also check the RCD and fuses. To solve this we recommend going through the following electrical checklist:

  • Where is the item plugged into?
  • Is the pump plugged into a single of double socket?
  • Is the pump being used with an extension lead?
  • Are there any other items plugged into the same socket?
  • Is the plug socket outside? If so, is the socket waterproof?
  • How old is the plug socket?
  • Is the plug socket connected directly into the mains or is it a spur?
  • Are there any other household items tripping?
  • When was the last time the socket was tested by an electrician?

If the following steps provided above, do not resolve the issue please contact our Customer Care team below.