Is there an E09 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing a fuse failure.

We recommend following these troubleshooting steps to get back in your Lay-Z-Spa in no time.

Step 1 - Check fuse connection:

Internal fuse failure/ disconnection:

Within your pump, there is a variety of fuses. Sometimes, one of these can become disconnected.  The pump unit must always be plugged into a grounded mains plug socket. You must not attempt to run the unit off of a coiled extension lead or a spur. This can cause the pump to stop working. Please also check the RCD and fuses.

To resolve this please follow these steps:

  1. Turn the spa completely off
  2. Turn the power off at the socket
  3. Remove the plug from the socket for the pump.
  4. Press the following buttons on the PRCD – Reset, Test and then Reset.
  5. Turn the pump back on, using the On/Off button on the display.
  6. Please ensure you hold your finger down for 10 seconds.

Please also check the electrical checklist here:

•            Where is the item plugged into? How old is the plug socket?

•            Is the pump plugged into a single of double socket?

•            Is the pump being used with an extension lead?

•            Is the plug socket outside? If so, is the socket waterproof?

•            Are there any other household items tripping?

•            When was the last time the socket was tested by an electrician?

Step 2 - Check the main fuse in the plug:

The main fuse in the plug may be causing an issue.

Do not open the pump casing at any point as this will void the warranty.

If the following steps provided above, do not resolve the issue please contact our Customer Care team below.