Is there an E15 error code displaying on your Lay-Z-Spa pump? This means your Lay-Z-Spa pump is experiencing a failed WiFi module connection.

This error code is visible if there is an issue with the WiFi module in the pump body. We recommend following these troubleshooting steps to get back in your Lay-Z-Spa in no time:

Step 1 - Reset pump:

Please follow these steps to resolve this leaving at least 10 seconds between each step:

  1. Turn the pump off using the On/Off power button on the pump display. Remove the plug from the socket.
  2. Plug the spa back, switch the socket on and press the reset/test on the cable.
  3. Press the on switch on the pump display. This will reset the pump.

Step 2 - Reset your WiFi:

This will depend on your WiFi provider but we would suggest switching it off and re-setting hub. If you are using a mesh network or you have boosters in your home you may find this can cause some interference with the module. The best way to check this is to try connecting the WiFi pump to another network at a friends, neighbours or family members house.

Please note, you can continue to use all other spa functions. You will just need to press any button on the pump control panel to remove the alarm code. This code will only affect the actual WiFi connection and set up.

If the following steps provided above, do not resolve the issue please contact our Customer Care team below.