How does the 2-level massage regulation work?

Do you own a Lay-Z-Spa with the 2-level massage regulation? If you are unsure, please check the ‘Massage system button’ paragraph within the ‘Using the spa’ section of your manual.

This functionality allows you to enjoy the massage system at full power but also at 50% power for a slight reduction in AirJet intensity.

The intensity level is changed through a cycle when pressing the AirJet button on your Lay-Z-Spa control panel:

  • When your Lay-Z-Spa is first turned on and the AirJet button is pressed the intensity will be at 100%.
  • Then once the AirJets have been turned off then turned back on again using the Massage system button the intensity will be at 50%.
  • Finally, once the AirJets are turned off and back on again the cycle goes back to 100%. The massage intensity will continue to change in this cycle as the AirJets are turned off and on using the Massage system.

If the Lay-Z-Spa is turned off or reset the cycle will start at 100% again.

Please note: you will not be able to identify this change in intensity through the sound of your Lay-Z-Spa pump. You will only be able to notice the difference once you are in your Lay-Z-Spa.