Winter Wellness with Lay-Z-Spa

Using your hot tub in Winter, with the added bonus of a soothing massage system, has so many physical and mental benefits. Winter can be a bit of a gloomy time of year, affecting our mood and general wellbeing. Choose your preferred Lay-Z-Spa from our wide range and you could be on your way to winter wellness with regular sessions in the hot tub.

Using a Hot Tub for Winter Wellness

Find out the health benefits of using a hot tub in winter

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Relaxing in a hot tub gives an amazing sense of renewal and peacefulness. As the Winter months roll in, so does a whole range of aches and pains, illnesses and even stress. We all know Christmas and New Year are extremely busy periods and this can take its toll on both the body and the mind. Taking time out and giving yourself an opportunity to relax is important for your general wellbeing and mindfulness too.

Boost To Your Immune System

Now more than ever, everyone is keen to look after themselves in as many ways as possible to remain fit and healthy. Much like a bath, soaking in a hot tub can give a serious boost to your immune system. The warm water and steam are a fantastic way to relieve congestion in your nose, sinuses, and chest as well as improve your circulatory system. Whilst you spend time unwinding in your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub this winter you could also be fighting off the symptoms of a cold or flu. 

Healthier Skin

The cold weather can give our skin a bit of a beating but regular use of your hot tub in the Winter can actually lead to healthier skin. Steam and hot water have been a treatment for skin for a long long time. They help open up the pores in your skin allowing you to wash away any impurities which in the long run leads to better healthier skin. It also increases your blood circulation, which is excellent for elasticity.

Benefits similar to exercise

Most of us will tend to lay off physical exercise on cold days (..and months!) because going to a run or bike ride is pretty tough in freezing temperatures. As previously mentioned, using a hot tub can offer similar benefits to physical exercise. So, you might be taking a break from your workout routine in winter but you can use your hot tub and gain similar benefits as a 30 minute walk.

Cold Weather Hydrotherapy

Research shows that hydrotherapy in warm water can reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Or, after a day of skiing and other wintery outdoor adventures, a session in the hot tub can aid in the recovery of sore muscles. However, you don't need to be hitting the slopes to feel the benefits of cold weather hydrotherapy with a hot tub in your home.

Use Your Lay-Z-Spa in Winter and Feel Good!

Lay-Z-Spa in winter

With FreezeShield™ on all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs and a range of energy-efficient features as standard, you can enjoy your spa sessions all year round. Whilst soaking in the blissful 40°C water and being soothed by the massage system, you'll actually be having a positive impact on your wellbeing too.