10 Ways To Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

There are many easy ways you can reduce your hot tub running costs. From choosing the right place to position your hot tub, to cleaning your hot tub’s filters regularly, we’ve put together 10 simple ways to manage your hot tub running costs.

1. Leave Your Lay-Z-Spa Heater Activated Between Uses

Depending on the amount you use your Lay-Z-Spa, in our experience it is better to leave the heater activated all of the time, if used regularly - say 3 or more times per week. We would recommend setting the spa at 25°C to 35°C and then before using moving the temperature up to 40°C if desired.

As Lay-Z-Spa heaters are thermostatically regulated and will only switch on to top up the temperature of the water to whatever temperature that you set. This is better than letting the temperature rise and fall a great amount, which could result in more energy usage. Please be aware of the ambient air temperature, as at colder times of year more energy will be required to keep the water warm.

Note: A Lay-Z-Spa heater uses 2050W per hour whilst on the heat setting and 600W whilst running the inflation / massage function. We therefore recommend contacting your energy supplier to determine your running costs and tariff to help ensure you are using your hot tub economically.

2. Make The Most Of Your Lid And Top Cover

One of the most common causes of temperature loss is a damaged, unsecured, under-inflated lid or simply not using it at all!

Heat always rises so any holes, rips or gaps in the lid can dramatically impact water temperature. Make sure the cover on your Lay-Z-Spa is securely zipped, tied, fastened or clipped to ensure your spa’s water stays toasty and warm!

If your lid or inflatable top cover is damaged or lost please visit Lay-Z-Spa Spare Parts for a replacement.

Ways to reduce your inflatable hot tub running costs

3. Buy A Chemical Bundle

To keep your hot tub in great condition chemicals are an absolute must! Although they may sound scary, chemical maintenance of a Lay-Z-Spa is actually really easy and thanks to our Chemical Bundles, cheaper than you might think!

For any questions you have surrounding chemicals, visit our Chemicals Guide or contact us.

4. Locate Your Spa Near A Natural Windbreak

Placing your Lay-Z-Spa in an area with a windbreak helps to maintain a steady water temperature. Wind exposure can rapidly reduce water temperature and something as simple as placing your hot tub next to a fence can form an effective shield. It can also act as a great way to reduce noise for neighbours.

Natural windbreaks like trees or shrubs can come with the disadvantage of shedding bits of themselves into the water so we recommend avoiding using plants to as shields from the wind.

If your spa is in an open area or requires a bit more privacy, why not explore our favourite hot tub hideaways!

Keeping your hot tub running costs low with Lay-Z-Spa.

5. Insulate & Protect The Bottom Of Your Spa!

Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector not only helps further insulate your hot tub, but it can also help increase the lifespan of your spa by protecting against abrasions and damage caused by rougher surfaces.

6. Clean Your Filters

Keeping your spa's filters clean will not only prolong their life but also make your pump more efficient.

Not cleaning your filters can result in a build-up of debris which can result in poor water flow. The pump will therefore have to work twice as hard to filtrate the water, which may cause increased energy usage. Find out more about hot tub filter care.

Make your hot tub more energy efficient and save money.

7. Manage Your PH Levels

In order to save money on chlorine and other chemicals make sure your spa is at its correct pH before treating the water. Maintaining a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6 will ensure that chlorine added to your spa water can work efficiently so you don’t end up wasting chlorine

To manage your pH levels first measure the spa water with Dip Tests Strips before adding pH plus or pH minus to your spa where appropriate. For more help with balancing chemicals, check out our Chemical Guide.

8. Make Use Of Your Power Saving Timer

If you don’t use your hot tub regularly, the Power Saving Timer is great for keeping your Lay-Z-Spa running costs to a minimum.

The Power Saving Timer prevents wastage of power by allowing you to set the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa so that you can enjoy your spa at a time of your choosing without having to leave your Lay-Z-Spa heater on at all times.

Use your Lay-Z-Spa power-saving timer to reduce hot tub running costs.

9. Fill From The Warm Tap

A simple but effective way to save money when filling your spa is to use water from the hot tap. It is usually cheaper to start your spa with warm water (ensure the water is no hotter than 40°C and that you have added a thin layer of cold water to the spa first) rather than filling the spa with cold water and waiting for the spa to heat up itself.

Additionally, if you don’t require your spa to be as full as possible then consider filling it up to the minimum line. This will save on both the initial water cost as well as the continuous cost of heating the spa water.

10. Clean Your Spa's Walls

If you ensure your spa’s water is regularly maintained and the walls are clean, you’re less likely to use as much chemicals to fix any chemical imbalances.

The Spa Chemical Starter Kit is the perfect beginner box of chemical essentials, for stress-free chemical maintenance!

There you have it, those are our top tips for reducing your hot tub running costs! If you have any more ideas we’d love to hear them.