• Replacement pump compatible with all 2021 HydroJet Pro™ models
  • Includes Freeze Shield™ technology for all year round use
  • Powers the relaxing Lay-Z-Spa® AirJet™ and HydroJet™ massage system
  • Adjustable control panel and convenient drinks holder
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About HydroJet Pro™ PUMP WITH FREEZE SHIELD™ (2021)

This Lay-Z-Spa® Pump is a replacement for the heater pump supplied with Lay-Z-Spa® HydroJet Pro™ 2021 models (Palma HydroJet Pro™, Hawaii HydroJet Pro™ and Maldives HydroJet Pro™). It is essential for heating the water, filtering the water and operating the massage system. If your existing pump is damaged, this replacement is a vital piece of equipment. Without a working pump, you'll be unable to use your Lay-Z-Spa®.

The pump also has a timer function to heat up the water at a designated time. It's a great way to ensure the water is the perfect temperature before you clamber in. The pump is compatible with all Lay-Z-Spa® HydroJet Pro™ 2021 Models.

This pump is equipped with the new Freeze Shield™ technology, which allows you to set the pump to run at a low temperature, in a power saving mode for long periods of time using minimal energy, whilst ensuring that the water does not freeze (the pump must be powered at all times).

If you're unsure which replacement part your Lay-Z-Spa® requires, contact our dedicated Bestway Aftersales team who will happily identify the problem and advise you on how to fix it.