5in Chemical Floater

  • Floats on the surface to decontaminate water
  • Dispenses 2.5cm (1in) Mini Multifunctional Tablets
  • For use with chlorine or bromine tablets
  • Adjustable dial to control sanitizer levels
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In stock
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Product details

About 5in Chemical Floater

Bestway 5 Inch Chemical Floater is a fantastic little accessory that makes measuring, adjusting and maintaining the correct chemical level in your hot tub much easier. 

The floating chemical dispenser is perfect for spa owners who have limited time to sort out their hot tub chemical levels but want to maintain a happy, healthy water quality. The floating chlorine dispenser, which releases these 20g Mini Multifunctional Tablets can simply be left to its own devices until it needs a rinse or refill. 

The floating chlorine dispenser also has an adjustable dial to allow the release of the 20g tablets at regular intervals and control sanitiser levels efficiently. This also helps you to monitor and treat the spa water quality and bacteria levels for longer with less hassle.
When a spa is left alone for a prolonged period of time its bacteria levels grow, mutate and multiply, which is why the floating chlorine dispenser is such a handy accessory if you’re spending an extended time away. 
Bestway Chemical Floater is just one of the useful accessories in our range that help you to maintain clean and healthy water in your hot tub. As with all chemical products and accessories, time should be taken carefully read through instructions and warnings. The Bestway 5 Inch Chemical Floater and the 20g Mini Multifunctional Tablets are printed with guidelines and cautionary information which must be followed.