7 Tips For The Perfect Hot Tub Party

We love the social side of our hot tubs, and as spring comes around every year, we see people starting to plan those gatherings in their garden to make the most of their Lay-Z-Spa.

It’s a great idea to start thinking about who you’re going to invite to those summery catch-ups with your hot tub as the star of the show. While you make a mental note of your favourite friends, check out 7 tips for the perfect hot tub party

The Lay-Z-Spa floating hot tub light is the perfect accessory for your portable hot tub.

It’s All About The Lighting

What’s a party without funky coloured lights to add a little atmosphere? Well, we offer a selection of clever LED lights to keep your water glowing and create an ambience. The Floating LED Light is suitable for any hot tub and our Underwater LED Light fits into all Lay-Z-Spas. If you have a HydroJet Lay-Z-Spa, the ColorJet lights replace one or more of your HydroJets and are water-powered.

Tips for a hot tub party

Provide Creature Comforts

Now we know your back garden is not a spa, but that’s not to say you can’t treat your guests to the spa experience during your hot tub celebration. How about wrapping them up in our Official Lay-Z-Spa Robes to keep them cosy when they’re not in the tub…now that’s service.

Music for your hot tub party

Is Music A Must?

Unlike a pool party, music isn’t absolutely essential for a hot tub party. However, music can set the right mood and create an ambience. Here at Lay-Z-Spa, we like something a bit more relaxing and chilled out whilst in the hot tub but that doesn't stop you from creating your own hot tub party playlist.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tub accessories that make your hot tub party even better

Keep The Drinks Safe

Spillages of any kind of drink are bad news, so it’s good that we have everything you need to keep those drinks safe and sound. Our range of Hot Tub Accessories includes gorgeous hot tub glasses that even the clumsiest of your pals won’t be able to break, as well as handy drink holders for your Lay-Z-Spa. All drink holders are compatible with our glass sets, and you’ll find everything from luxury champagne flutes to everyday tumblers.

Explore our range of hot tub accessories including pillows to create a relaxing spa experience.

Lie Back In Style

When it comes to chilling out, comfort is everything. Our inflatable hot tubs are great to lie back in but a set of Lay-Z-Spa Pillows are the perfect addition to make your guests even more comfortable.

Hot tub decorations

Decorations Are Everything

Fairly lights, bunting and candles are just some of the bits and pieces you need to transform your hot tub party into something special. We’ve put together a Pinterest Board with some of our favourite snippets of inspiration. Check it out here.

The spacious Lay-Z-Spa gazebo dome is great for shading in the summer and protection from rain in the winter.

Be Ready For Any Weather

As with any party, it’s important to plan for any weather. The portable protective Dome will help to protect your guests (and your Lay-Z-Spa) from the elements. In fact, the warm water will ensure that they’re relaxed and cosy no matter the season, so say goodbye to washout barbeques on summer days – and hello to all-weather hot tub catch-ups!

Just one more thing...

You might want to consider drinks for your hot tub party. As an alternative to alcohol, we have curated a selection of Lay-Z-Spa mocktails that you can sit back and enjoy with friends, family and little ones.