Lay-Z-Spa Heating System

Lay-Z-Spa Rapid Heating System

Energy-Saving Heating System

Lay‑Z‑Spa's Advanced Heating System is thermostatically regulated like a home central heating system. Once it reaches the set temperature it will turn off and only activate again once the water drops a few degrees.

Independent laboratory testing found that Lay-Z-Spa has one of the most energy-efficient hot tub heating systems that:

- Heats the water up to 40°C 10% faster than comparable inflatable hot tubs
- Uses 25% less energy to heat the water when massage is on

*Test & results have been performed by SGS laboratory. They are based on Lay‑Z‑Spa Cancun compared to a similar model from our competitor. Both hot tubs had the same volume of water, were tested with the lid & cover on, were set in a room under the same conditions

Efficient, Durable & Safe

The Lay‑Z‑Spa heating element is a result of years of study and expertise with high-function components and significant safety benefits.

By using advanced materials to create our heating mechanism, including premium aluminium alloys and ceramic, we can ensure efficient temperature control.

The internal structure is protected by six layers of insulation to prevent electrical damage, ensuring it is safe to use time and time again.

Lay-Z-Spa Heating System
Inflatable hot tub heating system

How Long Will It Take To Heat Up a Lay-Z-Spa?

The time it takes to heat the water in a Lay-Z-Spa varies greatly depending on the initial temperature of the water in the hot tub, the ambient air temperature and the volume of water. Each Lay-Z-Spa has a different water capacity of water, and the higher the capacity the longer the hot tub will take to heat up.

The Lay‑Z‑Spa heating system heats the water at approximately 1.5‑2°C (3‑4°F) per hour. In England in the Summer, it can take on average 6 ‑ 12 hours to heat a 660 litre Lay-Z-Spa. In the colder months, it could take 24-48 hours or longer in extremely cold temperatures.