Beam & Drop Stitch Construction

Lay-Z-Spa beam construction

Beam Construction: Strength and Comfort

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs with a beam construction are designed to offer superior structural stability while maintaining a comfortable surface. It always offers maximum comfort and stability as well as maintaining its original shape over time.

The external walls, top ring and internal beams are constructed of ultra-strong DuraPlus™ material. This is a multi-layer mesh and laminated PVC material that is incredibly strong and highly durable.

Drop Stitch: Lightweight Durability

Lay-Z-Spa Drop Stitch hot tubs have thinner and extremely firm sidewalls. The Drop Stitch material used is incredibly lightweight but provides unparalleled strength.

Thousands of fine polyester threads securely connect the sidewalls, which seal in air to create a rigid and sturdy inflatable spa. Not only is Drop Stitch great for durability, but this also makes the hot tub more spacious on the inside.

Lay-Z-Spa Drop Stitch hot tubs