ChemConnect™ Chlorine Dispenser

Lay-Z-Spa ChemConnect

What is ChemConnect™ and how does it work?

The Lay-Z-Spa® ChemConnect™ is a chlorine dispenser that makes it easy and convenient to manage the treatment of the water with slow-release chlorine tablets (or bromine) as an alternative to using chlorine granules.

Attaching to the inside of the Lay-Z-Spa, over the filtration outlet, ChemConnect™ provides an even distribution of chemicals and can be adjusted to decide the intensity of the release.

Designed for practicality, this is an easy way to manage chlorine levels in the water with tablets without a floating dispenser. However, you still need to carry out appropriate water treatment and testing making sure that pH and Total Alkalinity levels are balanced.

How to use the ChemConnect™

The chlorine dispenser separates into two parts and can accommodate tablets up to 2.54 cm in diameter and can hold up to 4 tablets simultaneously.

The quantity of tablets required depends on the size of your Lay-Z-Spa and its volume of water. Please refer to the instructions on chemical packaging for quantity.

It is recommended that you test the water frequently and adjust the dispenser’s settings depending on your chlorine levels. It is also strongly recommended that you remove the ChemConnect™ chlorine diffuser when using your Lay-Z-Spa® inflatable hot tub.

Please note: as the ChemConnect™ is designed for slow release, you still need to shock dose the water with chlorine granules.

how to use lay-z-spa chemconnect