The Great Chlorine Debate: Chlorine Granules Vs Mini Multifunction Tablets

Chlorine is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy and enjoyable spa. Most spa owners will be well aware of the two recommended ways to add chlorine to your hot tub water: Clearwater mini multifunctional tablets and Clearwater chlorine granules. But which will work better for you? Let’s find out!

Which Is Better For Maintaining Chlorine Levels?

Chlorine granules are quick-dissolving and relatively pH neutral. You can increase the chlorine levels in your spa by simply sprinkling the chlorine granules directly into your spa water (ensure the water temperature is over 20°C) or alternatively by pre-diluting in a container of warm water (this method should always be used if you're applying to a hot tub with a water temperature of under 20°C). Add chlorine a little at a time to prevent over chlorination. This is a more involved way to manage your chlorine levels, ideal for initial shock dosing on setup or after a period of time when you haven’t used the spa.

Mini multifunctional tablets offer a more hands-off approach to chlorinating your spa. You can control the amount of chlorine released into the spa by adjusting the opening on your Bestway 5in Chemical Floater so you can easily maintain a constant level of chlorine. Additionally, the tablets contain Algaecide and Water Clarifier for even easier water management.

Verdict: For most spa users multifunctional tablets are an excellent way to maintain healthy chlorine levels, however, when shock dosing or setting up your spa chlorine granules can be more useful as the chlorine level can be raised more rapidly

Multi-function tablets for your hot tub by ClearWater, specialists in hot tub chemicals

How Easy Is It To Measure Chlorine Levels?

To successfully keep your chlorine levels at the ideal level you will need to measure the amount of chlorine you are adding to your spa. Use Clearwater PH dip test strips to ensure optimal chlorine and pH levels are achieved.

Chlorine granules are relatively easy to measure and apply. Simply measure out the required amount into a cap or measuring device and add to the water. If you are unsure on the correct amount, you can add chlorine little by little until you reach perfection.

Mini multifunctional tablets make chlorine levels slightly more difficult to measure since the chlorine is released slowly over time. A little bit of trial and error might be needed at first to find the sweet spot on your chemical floater that maintains the perfect level of chlorine. However, once you have found the level that works for you it is relatively easy to keep chlorine levels consistent.

Verdict: Initial measuring is easier with chlorine granules; however after a little experience with the chemical floater, multifunctional tablets also offer an easy way to keep chlorine levels consistent.

Chlorine for hot tubs to keep your hot tub water healthy

Which Is More Convenient?

You probably don’t want your life to revolve around chlorine! Convenience is probably high up on any spa owner’s lists of priorities so getting the right chlorination solution for you is important.

Chlorine granules are most convenient if you are an irregular spa user who needs to shock dose their spa often. However, to maintain a consistent chlorine level you will need to implement a schedule for adding granules to the spa, which could become a hassle if you use your spa regularly.

Mini multifunctional tablets require some experience to ensure the correct chlorine level is set initially. You also need to make sure that you replace tablets once they have dissolved away otherwise your spa water could become unhealthy. Other than those issues multifunctional tablets are fairly hassle-free. Just sit back and let your chemical floater take care of the work!

Verdict: Mini multifunctional tablets are a great hassle-free solution for regular spa users, however, if you often find yourself shock dosing your spa then chlorine granules may be more convenient.

multi-function tablets for your Lay-Z-Spa by ClearWater hot tub chemicals

Which Costs Less?

Cost is also an important consideration when choosing how to chlorinate your spa. Since chlorine is one of the chemicals you will buy most regularly you will want to be as cost-efficient as possible.

Chlorine granules offer a slight saving over multifunctional tablets since you can buy them in bulk. Buying up to 5kg of chlorine granules ensures you can save almost £35 on every 5 kilos you order compared to buying 1kg of chlorine granules at a time.

Mini multifunctional tablets also have an upfront cost due to the need for a chemical floater. However, to help our customers get up and running with tablets Lay-Z-Spa have put together a quick start multifunctional tablet maintenance kit which includes a chemical floater and 2 kilograms of tablets at a discounted price. Additionally, the tablets provide algaecide, chlorine and water clarifier in one handy package, so if you require those chemicals in addition to chlorine then you are making a significant saving.

Verdict: Whilst multifunctional tablets have a slightly higher cost you can save on this with our starter kit. Also, they contain three chemicals so you make an overall saving if you require more than just chlorine for your spa water. If you only require chlorine then the granules offer a slightly cheaper alternative when purchased in bulk.

Chlorine for inflatable hot tubs UK

Which Should You Choose?

Each chlorination method has its own pros and cons and you will find advocates for each method. However, you can have the best of both worlds. Many of our customers combine both chlorine granules and multifunctional tablets as they require. You could use multifunctional tablets for day to day maintenance of chlorine levels whilst having some handy granules in reserve for shock dosing and small changes to chlorine levels. Try both and you will soon discover what works best for you. For everything you need to run and maintain your spa make sure to visit our Lay-Z-Spa chemicals page.