Freeze Shield™

Lay-Z-Spa's Freeze Shield Technology

Freeze Shield™ Technology

Lay-Z-Spa's pioneering Freeze Shield™ technology lets you use your hot tub all year round. We designed this special feature to prevent water from freezing in your hot tub so you that can safely use your hot tub all year round, even when the ambient air temperature drops below 6°C.

A Lay-Z-Spa pump with Freeze Shield™ intelligently monitors the ambient air temperature to ensure the pump stays operational, even in the coldest of conditions. It automatically increases water circulation and heats up to 10°C when outside temperatures drop below 6°C. This prevents the water from freezing and causing damage to the pipes or liner.

This cost-effective feature means that you don’t have to keep any constant heat in your hot tub during the colder months and you don’t have to pack your hot tub away if you are not using it regularly.

Freeze Shield™ Story

Freeze Shield™ was first introduced in 2019 with the Nordic-inspired Helsinki AirJet™ and was the first of its kind. It soon became one of our top-selling hot tubs and we found that users appreciated the Freeze Shield™ function meaning they could easily use their hot tubs all year, without worry.

Our new all-season technology quickly gained notoriety including this review from T3 Magazine

Inflatable hot tubs you can use all year

Why Freeze Shield™?

At Lay-Z-Spa, we want everyone to experience the full potential of all our hot tubs. A Lay-Z-Spa is always relaxing and unwinding, but using your hot tub in winter is an all-together different experience. The contrast of the frosty air against the warm 40°C of your Lay-Z-Spa creates a sensation you'll want to experience over and over again. The hassle-free Freeze Shield™ feature allows easy use of your hot tub any time of year.

Freeze Shield™ on all Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs

Our entire 2021 range and above now comes with Freeze Shield™ as standard. This means no matter which Lay-Z-Spa you choose, you can use it all year long.