The Lay-Z-Spa® App Getting Started Guide

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Before you start

  1. Ensure that your Smart Phone is connected to your home WiFi connection.
    1. a. You'll need to make sure you have your WiFi router password with you.
  2. Set up only your pump within range of your Wi-Fi router before you set up and fill your spa (follow the step by step guide below to connect).
    1. a. To check that you have a strong WiFi signal, the wireless symbol on your phone should give you an indication.
    2. b. The more bars you can see, the better your connection. When setting up, you’ll need to be in an area of full WiFi strength.
    3. c. Once you’ve established a strong connection, if you wish to move your pump and spa to a different location, you’ll need to ensure at least 3 bars of signal.
  3. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store:

Connect to your pump

Step 1 - Getting your spa connection ready

Ensure that your pump is in Connection Mode.

To reset your pump and ensure it’s in connection mode:

  1. Turn off your pump using the control panel
  2. Hold down the Wi-Fi button until you see the WiFi icon “flashing green slowly”

Step 2 - Connecting your spa

  1. Your Smart Phone should be connected to your home WiFi before you begin.
  2. Check that your pump is in Connection Mode (see ‘Step 1 – Getting your Spa connection ready’)
  3. Open the Lay-Z-Spa® app and follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Register on the app with all of the information required and set a memorable password. Once you’ve registered and logged in, the App will keep you logged in for convenience.
  5. When prompted, ensure that app notifications are allowed.
  6. Connect your smart device to WiFi within the app using your home WiFi password
    1. a. Ensure you have your WiFi password handy. This should have been supplied by your internet provider and is often written on the back of your wireless router.
  7. Once connected, you’ll be taken to your WiFi settings for your phone so that you can connect your pump to the WiFi.
  8. Connect to your pump – it will be named ‘BW-LAYZSPA-XXXX’ within your available WiFi connections.
    1. a. The password will be ‘123456789’
    2. b. A notification will pop up asking you to tap to complete the onboarding process and take you back to the app. If this doesn't show, manually switch your screen back to the app again.
  9. Your smart phone should now try to connect your pump to the WiFi and have the following loading screen. This may take a few minutes.
  10. Once connected, you’ll be taken to the app’s control panel where you can begin using your app!

Step 3 - Using your Lay-Z-Spa® App

    1. You can now control your Lay-Z-Spa® from anywhere at the touch of a button or using voice commands.

Voice Control

Too relaxed to move? Use your voice to control all aspects of your hot tub. Compatible with most virtual home assistants.

Here you'll find some handy tips and tricks in setting up your Lay-Z-Spa on Alexa and Google Assistant, making it even easier to control your spa.

Getting started with Amazon Echo

  1. Enable the Lay-Z-Spa Skill - In your Alexa app, tap Skills in the menu and search for Lay-Z-Spa. Tap Enable.
  2. Link Account - Enter your Lay-Z-Spa username and password and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Talk to Alexa! Start controlling your Lay-Z-Spa by talking to Alexa!

Connecting to Google Assistant

  1. Setup - Start by getting the Google Home app and setting up your Google Home if you have not done this already.
  2. Add Lay-Z-Spa Action - In the Google Home app tap the menu icon and select Home Control. Then tap the + button to see a list of Actions tapping Lay-Z-Spa to select the Action.
  3. Link your Lay-Z-Spa Account - Now follow the in-app instructions to link your Lay-Z-Spa account.


Using your voice to control your spa

Once connected to either Alexa or Google Home, use the following commands to initiate changes for the status of your spa.

‘Alexa, using Lay-Z-Spa…’

‘Ok Google…’

List some default commands 


Please download our glossary for a full list of commands

Terms of Use

    1. Mobile data charges may apply
    2. Performance on WIFI out of our control Lay-Z-Spa® are not responsible for any electric or water bill charges as a result of usage of the app.
      1. a. The performance of your WIFI connection is unfortunately out of our control – please contact your provider for further assistance regarding this.
    3. Lay-Z-Spa® are not responsible for any electric or water bill charges as a result of usage of the app.
    4. The Lay-Z-Spa WiFi App is for use in the UK only.


How many devices can be connected to the spa at one time?

You can connect as many devices as you like to a pump, however you cannot connect to more than one pump.

I can’t seem to connect my spa

  1. Check that your pump is in connection mode

    You should see a slow flashing green WiFi LED on your pump. If this isn’t what you’re seeing, please refer to Step 1 of the connection guide.

  2. Is your internet working?

    Your spa requires internet access to connect. If your internet is not working please contact your provider.

  3. Check your Wifi Password and Network name are correct.

    If you are unsure whether you have the correct details consider using a friend’s phone to be sure.

  4. Are you in range?

    For initial setup we recommend moving the pump alongside your WiFi router then gradually move it away. If your pump is out-of-range there are a number of WiFi extender products available from your local computer store.

I don't know my home WiFi password

Ensure you have your WiFi password handy. This should have been supplied by your internet provider and is often written on the back of your wireless router.

I have forgotten my Lay-Z-Spa® App password

Please follow the ‘Forgotten my password’ instructions on your app. Simply add your email address that you registered with and you’ll be sent an automated email with instructions on how to create a new password.

The WiFi symbol on my pump has a slow flashing green light, what does this mean?

Your pump is now in connection mode and ready for you to start the process of connecting to WiFi.

The WiFi symbol on my pump has a fast flashing green light, what does this mean?

There is an error in connecting your pump to WiFi. The pump has the WiFi connection details but is unable to connect. This may be a problem with your router or as the result of changing your home wireless router password or changing set up.

How far away from home can I use the Lay-Z-Spa® App?

Once set up and your pump is connected the WiFi, you can use your smart phone from anywhere to control your spa! From home, the office or your car, you can make sure your Lay-Z-Spa® is set up and ready for when you need it most!

What happens if I change my home WiFi provider or WiFi password?

If you change the name of your WiFi name or password, you will need to go through the re-connect process again.

  1. Remove your current spa from the app.
  2. Hold down the WiFi button for 5 seconds until you see a slow blinking LED.
  3. Restart the connect process using your app.

What happens if I see an E15 Error Code?

An E15 code suggests that there might be an error with the WiFi module. Please contact your local Bestway Customer Service Team here

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