Top Cover for Hollywood AirJet™

  • Protects the water in your hot tub from dirt and debris
  • Improves insulation by housing the inflatable lid
  • Safety clips to safely secure the lid to the Hollywood AirJet™ Liner
  • Direct replacement for the Hollywood AirJet™
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About Top Cover for Hollywood AirJet™

The Hollywood AirJet™ Top Cover is a like for like replacement for the Top Cover supplied with the Lay‑Z‑Spa® Hollywood AirJet™ . If the cover supplied with your Lay‑Z‑Spa® Hollywood AirJet™ becomes damaged, worn or broke you may notice the water getting dirtier and losing heat more quickly. The Lay‑Z‑Spa® cover helps to protect the water from debris and provide insulation when you're not using your Lay‑Z‑Spa®. Clips allow you to securely fasten the durable cover to the liner of your Lay‑Z‑Spa® Hollywood™. Please note: This product does not include the Inflatable Lid.