Inspirational Hot Tub Surround

When the UK went into lockdown in 2020, one soon-to-be Lay-Z-Spa owner embarked on an inspirational lockdown project. He went on to create one of the most amazing hot tub surrounds and garden bars we have ever seen. News quickly spread about this amazing DIY hot tub surround and was even picked up by the Sun.

Pete Simmons already had a garden bar which he had built for the 2018 Football World Cup but, during lockdown, he revamped his bar to include a large TV, spirit dispensers and extended it to incorporate a stunning hot tub surround for his St Lucia AirJet. With a raised and insulated platform for his hot tub, the surround includes a cut-out for the pump, a large parasol for sun protection, and a proper bar top so drinks are always in reach. There are even bar stools to sit on making this a brilliant social space for friends and family.

We caught up, below, with Pete to ask a few questions about his unique hot tub surround. Here's a timelapse video of his building process and a walkthrough at the end!

DIY hot tub surround for Lay-Z-Spa

What inspired you to create your hot tub surround and garden bar?

I always wanted a garden bar and this was phase one of the project. My kids wanted a hot tub during lockdown and I was reluctant to put this on the grass, so after a few beers I came up with the idea of extending the bar to accommodate the hot tub which after a few trips to B&Q for the wood etc then everything came together.

Do you have any previous experience building anything like this?

No previous experience of building anything like this as I’m not a carpenter but I have a good attention to detail and vision of how things should look and operate.

DIY hot tub bar an insulated surround
Plans for a DIY hot tub shelter and surround

Can you talk us through your building process?

The building process was changing as I started to build and because I lost the use of the main bar top because the hot tub pump was below it, I then decided to incorporate a bar top at the end of the surround, some of the materials were quite hard to get hold of because of lockdown so I had to compromise with the materials that were available.

What is your favourite part of this build/surround?

The most favourite part of the surround is that it can be adjusted to suit any size lazy spa with a few minor adjustments. I started with the St Lucia as it was all I could get my hands on at the current time but I’m looking to increase the size of the tub.

built-in hot tub surround
Fully-enclosed surrounding for a hot tub

Has it changed the way you use your hot tub & garden?

What is good about this is that I can now chill in the tub and watch the football and hopefully, when lockdown is finished, I can invite family & friends around as no-one has seen it yet and I built it a year ago.

Are you looking to add any more to your hot tub surround?

What I would do next would be to incorporate a sliding roof so that you can use it in the winter & also slide it back in the summer to get some sun. The umbrella design that I did looks great but isn’t too good in the winter months.

Unique Lay-Z-Spa surround

Pete has gone on to get a Design Copyright for his hot tub surround, so no copying.. However, we always love to see Lay-Z-Spa user’s creative hot tub shelters and surrounds, so remember to tag us @layzspauk on your Instagram photos.