Lay-Z-Spa Chemical Maintenance Guide

Hot tub chemical maintenance is an essential part of owning a Lay-Z-Spa but it isn’t complicated.

Using hot tub chemicals in a Lay-Z-Spa is important to keep the water in good condition and safe to use. If you are new to hot tub chemicals and water maintenance, the Clearwater® hot tub starter kit is the best thing to invest in as it includes everything you need.

We have put together this basic hot tub chemical maintenance guide to give you an overview of what you need to do. Please refer to our hot tub chemical guide for more in-depth info.

Lay Z Spa chemical maintenance

What Chemicals Do I need For My Lay-Z-Spa?

There is a vast range of hot tub chemicals available, which is why chemical maintenance can sometimes seem daunting. However, many chemicals are optional or for specific conditions.

For basic hot tub chemical maintenance, you need dip test strips, chlorine granules, and a pH reducer or increaser.

Need help with chemical maintenance?

Click on the link below or go to our in-depth hot tub chemical guide.

Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Balancing hot tub water is easy if you remember these 3 steps and remember always to do it in this order. If filled with fresh water, you need to shock dose first. 

1. Start with the Total Alkalinity and aim for a reading of 80-120 ppm. If it's low, add an alkalinity increaser, if it is high use a pH reducer.  

2. Next, if necessary, address the pH levels and aim for a reading of 7.2-7.6. If it is low use a pH increaser and if it is high use a pH reducer

3. Lastly is the Chlorine and you should aim for a reading of 3-5ppm. Total Alkalinity and pH work hand-in-hand and if these two are not balanced the sanitiser (chlorine) will not work properly. 

Please note: Allow at least 2 hours between adding each chemical type and only use the hot tub once Total Alkalinity, pH and chlorine are within the required ranges.

Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

What Are The Essential Hot Tub Chemicals and What Do They Do?

Lay Z Spa Chemical Maintenance: Chlorine Adjustment

Chlorine Granules

Chlorine is the most essential hot tub chemical as it sanitises the water, neutralising any potentially harmful contaminants or bacteria.

Firstly, when you fill your Lay-Z-Spa up with clean water, you need to shock dose the water with a higher concentration of chlorine before you can use it. From then on, it’s a case of topping up your chlorine on a daily or weekly basis to keep the water clean and free from bacteria. Use the ClearWater dip tests to gauge levels and if your chlorine reading is low, you simply need a top up.

Ideal Chlorine range: 3-5mg ppm (parts per million)

LitresTo increase chlorine by 1ppm

pH Minus & pH Plus

pH is the measure of how acidic or alkali the water is. Unbalanced pH levels can cause irritation for the users, create cloudy water and impact the chlorine levels.

As part of regular hot tub chemical maintenance, you should try to get your pH levels within range before attending to the chlorine.

Adjusting pH levels is very simple. If the reading is low, use pH Plus and if the reading is high use pH minus.

Ideal pH range: 7.2-7.6

LitresTo decrease or increase by 0.1
Lay Z Spa Chemical Maintenance: pH Adjustment
Lay Z Spa Chemical Maintenance: Total Alkalinity Adjustment

What about Alkalinity?

On your dip tests, you can see the Total Alkalinity levels of your hot tub water. Total Alkalinity or TA is the measure of the hot tub's ability to neutralise acids. Balanced TA will help keep the pH levels balanced and the chlorine too.

If your TA is too high, use pH minus and if your TA is too low, you’ll need some TA Increaser.

Ideal Total Alkalinity range: 80-120 ppm (parts per million)

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Maintenance Tips

Aside from keeping up with chemicals, there are a few Lay-Z-Spa maintenance recommendations we suggest you do periodically.