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Lay-Z-Spa Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Lay-Z-Spa Apart?

Energy-Efficient Inflatable Hot Tubs


Lay-Z-Spa is the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tub brand

The most 5-star reviewed hot tub brand

5-Star Reviews

Lay-Z-Spa is the UK's most 5-star reviewed hot tub brand

Award Winning Hot Tubs


We have won many awards for our products, design and technology

Infltable hot tubs

Advanced Features

Our hot tubs are specialy designed for ultimate relaxation and ease of use

Hot tubs with 2 year warranty

Up To 2 Year Warranty

Have peace of mind with up to 2 years warranty on your Lay‑Z‑Spa

0% Finance Available on Hot Tubs

0% Finance

Pay now or later with our quick and easy with 0% interest finance options

Easy set up hot tubs

No Tools Required

Our hot tubs can be inflated in as little as 5 minutes and required no tools

Lay-Z-Spa Support

Customer Support

We have a dedicated UK-based Aftersales Support Team to help with your inquiries

Top 3 Questions When Buying A Hot Tub

The cost of running a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub depends on individual circumstances and no two Lay-Z-Spa users are the same. Many factors affect the running costs from the size of the Lay-Z-Spa and its volume of water to a sheltered or unsheltered position and the frequency of use to the fluctuation of outside temperatures and individual energy tariffs.

Enjoying a Lay-Z-Spa at the weekend only will actually cost you less than a takeaway or a trip to the cinema for two. Click here for our up-to-date Lay-Z-Spa running costs.

When looking at Lay-Z-Spa running costs it is important to remember that we have been identified as the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tub brand and our hot tubs come with a range of energy-efficient technology and features that you won't find on other inflatable hot tubs.

Regular maintenance helps towards keeping running costs low and we offer advice on how to reduce your running costs too.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemicals are essential for making your water safe to use and to keep it that way. We recommend Clearwater chemicals which have been designed especially with Lay-Z-Spa in mind.

If you're new to hot tub chemicals, the
Clearwater Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit includes all the chemicals you need to get your hot tub running in no time. We also offer hot tub chemical advice for Clearwater products.


We have a wide range of
Lay-Z-Spa Accessories available for cleaning and maintenance right through to taking your spa experience to the next level. This ranges from Drinks Holders, LED Lights and Spa Pillows to a Dome Enclosure, All In One Cleaning Kit and Foot Bath. For added protection and insulation for the base of your Lay-Z-Spa, we recommend the Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector.

This can be split into two different questions with different answers.

Should I leave my Lay-Z-Spa filter on all the time?

Regardless of heating or not, we recommend that your filter is running for at least 8 hours a day to keep the water clean.

Should I leave my Lay-Z-Spa heater on all the time?

If you use your Lay-Z-Spa regularly, say 3 or more times per week, keeping your heater activated and set to the temperature you like is the most cost-effective way of running your hot tub and will save energy in the long run.

If you use your Lay-Z-Spa 2 or less times a week, you should consider turning the heat off and only heating it up for use or dropping the temperature down to somewhere between 25°C and 30°C, then heating it up a few hours before you want to use it.

Top Tip: The Lay-Z-Spa Advanced Heating System is thermostatically regulated. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, it will stop and will only switch on again when the water temperature drops a couple of degrees. Keeping it set at a constant temperature is much better than letting your hot tub's water rise and fall from hot to cold, as this requires much more energy to bring the water back up to temperature. 

Read more: 10 ways to reduce hot tub running costs.

General Lay-Z-Spa FAQ

Yes - all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs include energy-saving features as standard such as the insulating lid, power-saving timer and thermostatic heating system. Some models are also available with an insulating EnergySense™ cover

Additionally, independent laboratory testing did find that Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are more energy-efficient than comparable products by comparable brands with quicker heating and slower loss of heat. 

There are many benefits to health & wellbeing affiliated to using hot tubs.

The healing effects of water stretch back centuries and hot water immersion or hot water healing is practiced for spiritual, mindful and health reasons all over the world. There is nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in a hot tub. Even just a short time spent in a Lay‑Z‑Spa can leave you feeling revitalised.

Independent scientific research has found that using a Lay‑Z‑Spa shows positive benefits for mental health and cardiovascular health and that using a Lay‑Z‑Spa can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Elevate heart rate equivalent to that when brisk walking
  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Reduce anxiety


The all-surrounding AirJet™ massage system ranges from 87 to 190 according to the model. This massage system works by pushing high-pressure air through small holes in the circumference of the base of the liner.

AirJet Plus™

In addition to the small holes in the outer circumference of the bottom, AirJet Plus™ also includes a circular set in the centre of the base resulting in a soothing sensation across your entire body, including feet. Models with AirJet Plus™ come with 2 levels of massage power controlled through the function on the pump.

HydroJet Pro™

This is a combination of AirJet™ and HydroJet Pro™ technology for a blissfully soothing massage experience. The HydroJets are found in the hot tub walls and work by pushing water through multi-directional, flow adjustable jets. Use the digitally controlled pump with the control panel to combine both systems, or enjoy them individually.

Find out more here

The number of people who can fit into a Lay-Z-Spa depends on which model you choose. Each product listing tells you the capacity and you can filter the results depending on the capacity you are looking for.

With the introduction of Freeze Shield™ technology in all Lay-Z-Spa pumps in 2021, you can keep a Lay-Z-Spa set up in winter. Please read our How to set up a Lay-Z-Spa in winter or How to use your Lay-Z-Spa in winter blogs for more info.

We recommend that you position your Lay-Z-Spa on a raised platform and in a covered or sheltered area. This will protect your hot tub from too much sunlight in Summer and from the elements in Winter. The Lay-Z-Spa thermal cover is also a great accessory to help reduce running costs ion the winter. 

It is not recommended that you use pre-2021 Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs when the temperature drops to 4°C. This does not stop you from doing so as long as you follow appropriate setting up, care and maintenance*.

Please note: It is very important that you never leave your Lay-Z-Spa unused when temperatures drop below 4°C.

*For models without Freeze Shield. please be aware that should any faults occur due to use in the cold, this unfortunately will not be covered by warranty.

Freeze Shield™ was introduced into all our models as standard starting from the 2021 range. This function allows you to keep your hot tub out all year round without worrying about it freezing or having to put it away.

When the outside temperature drops below 6°C , Freeze Shield™ activates your pump and mildly heats up your hot tub to prevent the water and pipes from freezing.

All Lay-Z-Spa models released from 2017 onwards come with the Power Saving Timer. This includes spare pumps which have been sold since 2017. To find out how it works, please read this article.

How often you should change your hot tub water really varies depending on how effective you are at maintaining your water with hot tub chemicals.

It is recommended that Lay-Z-Spa water is changed regularly, and at least once every 1-3 months. The frequency of water changes should reflect the degree of use of the hot tub, as well as the results of chemical testing. If chemical levels have fallen far outside the normal ranges, it is recommended that the water is completely replaced and re-treated.

It is important to shock dose your water on a regular basis and you will find it will extend how long you can use the water for.

Proper chemical maintenance, using the cover, and showering before using your hot tub will prolong the lifespan of the water. 

All Lay-Z-Spas include a cushioned floor which provides great comfort during periods of long use. The Lay-Z-Spa Maldives and Palma HydroJet Pro™ come with built-in seating and removable cushions. The Santorini HydroJet Pro™ features an integrated inflatable bench and the San Francisco has a range of integrated seating, some with HydroJets built in.

If you're looking for seating in a regular Lay-Z-spa, we have a universal hot tub seat with adjustable legs 

A Lay-Z-Spa is not classed as a paddling pool or a toy and has water that can be up to 40 degrees, therefore is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Children over 8 years old, must be supervised at all times and must be comfortably tall enough to stand on the bottom and have their heads out of the water. We recommend that children over 8 years old only use a Lay-Z-Spa for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time.

With over a decade of advanced engineering and innovation, Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are renowned, award-winning and 5-star rated. Part of this is down to our trial and tested designs, materials and production.


All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are made of this material. Durable, yet comfortable, DuraPlus™ is ultra sturdy with 3 layers of polyester mesh and PVC. By constructing the internal structure with DuraPlus™, it ensures that the spas will keep their shape no matter how many times they have been inflated or deflated.

Beam Construction

Our standard hot tubs (not drop stitch) have a series of internal beams connecting the inside and outside walls. This provides structural stability to the hot tub and is what makes the shape durable no matter how many times you inflate and deflate.

Drop Stitch Construction

Drop stitch material provides unparalleled strength and durability and makes the side thinner and firm. Thousands of fine threads securely are connected the sidewalls, which seal in the air to keep the spa inflated. This material can support considerable weight while still being light and portable when deflated.

If a Lay-Z-Spa is correctly set-up, well maintained and cared for, it can be enjoyed for many years. When not in use, it is important that a Lay-Z-Spa is taken down and stored correctly. We recommended that you pack away your Lay-Z-Spa if it not used in colder months as temperatures below 4°C can damage the pump and liner.

Each Lay-Z-Spa model weighs a different amount when filled with water. Each product listing tells you the exact filled weight of the product. When placing your hot tub on a raised platform, you should consider this weight plus the weight of the users at maximum capacity.

Each function of the pump/heater uses the following power:

Massage Function: 0.8kWh / 800W
Heater (at 20°C): 2kWh / 2000W
Filter: 0.05kWh / 50W

When a Lay-Z-Spa is set up in an open area, 1 Meter away from the pump the decibel level is:

  • Filtration <60dB
  • Heating <60dB
  • Massage <72dB
  • Water Jet <72dB

There are a huge variety of hot tub accessories to choose from for a Lay-Z-Spa. Including Pillows, Drinks Holders, Floor Protectors, LEDs and much more so you can customise a Lay-Z-Spa to suit your needs. Explore our Lay-Z-Spa Accessories and see what you could add to your hot tub.

Setting Up A Lay-Z-Spa

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs require no tools for set up and are inflated by using the supplied pump which can take as little as 5 minutes. Please refer to your Instruction Manual for specific setup information or refer to our getting started guide.

If you are wondering "Can I use my Lay-Z-Spa straight away?" The answer is that you need to allow at least 24 hours before you can use your Lay-Z-Spa.

After inflation, you need to is fill the Lay-Z-Spa with fresh water, give it a commissioning shock dose of chlorine and wait for it to heat up! You can fill the hot tub with warm water from the beginning if you wish. Read our Chemicals Guide for more information and guidance about hot tub chemicals.

Yes, a Lay-Z-Spa needs to be placed on a completely flat and solid surface.

Suitable Surface: A smooth, flat, even surface that is capable of supporting the entire filled weight of your Lay-Z-Spa plus the weight of the users. Positioning your Lay-Z-Spa on an uneven surface can cause unequal pressure on one side of the hot tub which will increase the likelihood of your liner failing. Setting up on a heated floor is not recommended.

Power Supply Proximity: You need to consider having a power supply that is close enough for the cable to reach (approx. length of the cable is 7m) but also far enough away so that water cannot splash into the socket. We recommend using an outdoor socket - please see our Hot Tub Safety FAQs for more info.

Surroundings: Placing your Lay-Z-Spa near a windbreak such as a fence or wall will help to reduce wind chill, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when required.

A Lay-Z-Spa is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors. Whilst most of our users set them up in their gardens, either on a hard surface such as a patio or on grass, some also set them up in a summer house, shed or garage. For use indoors, you should take time and care to consider factors such as drainage and ventilation.

When setting up a Lay-Z-Spa indoors or outdoors you should ask yourself the following questions:

- If there was a problem, would water be able to drain freely without causing damage?
- The Lay-Z-Spa is likely to increase the humidity of any confined space it is placed within, how would this affect the chosen area?
- Have you fully considered ventilation?
- Is the floor suitable to withstand the weight of the hot tub when full?
- Is the floor a level non-slip surface?
- Does the electrical supply have an RCD?

*Lay-Z-Spa does not take any responsibility or accept any liability for the use of the Lay-Z-Spa in an indoor area, summer house or garage.

Your Lay-Z-Spa will usually take approximately 1-2 hours to fill up to the recommended line. Time taken will depend on your water pressure and the Lay-Z-Spa model, as some have a much higher water capacity.

This can vary greatly depending on the temperature of fresh water that goes into the hot tub, the ambient air temperature and which Lay‑Z‑Spa model you have. The higher the capacity of water, the longer the hot tub will take to heat up.

The Lay-Z-Spa Pump heats the water via a circulating pump and heats up at approx. 1.5-2°C/h (3-4°F/h) per hour. In England in the Summer, it can take on average 6 - 12 hours. Ensuring that the hot tub is well insulated and that the lid is on will also greatly help!

Here is a guide of the approximate time it takes to heat based on the water and ambient temperature

Ambient TemperatureWater TemperatureSet TemperatureHeating Duration (approx)

Using a Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Outdoors

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs can be used all year round. The introduction of the Freeze Shield™ feature in 2021 means it is now easier than ever to use your hot tub all year, even in winter. Head to our blog for advice on winter use and consider a thermal cover to help with heat rentention. 

Please note: You should never leave your Lay-Z-Spa unused, with no power, when temperatures drop below 4°C.

*Please be aware that should any faults occur to models without Freeze Shield, due to use in the cold, this unfortunately will not be covered by warranty.

Yes, a Lay-Z-Spa pump is waterproof, however, if you are expecting a very large amount of rain or bad weather it is recommended that you bring the spa and pump indoors. Constant adverse weather conditions could damage your spa and pump.

A Lay-Z-Spa should not be left in direct sunlight as this can cause damage to the liner. Ideally, you should position your hot tub in a sheltered location or provide some shading. 

If your Lay-Z-Spa is setup in direct sunlight*, please consider letting out some of the air and make sure you use the top cover when not in use. 

*Please be aware that should any damage occur to your Lay-Z-Spa due to sun exposure, this unfortunately will not be covered by warranty.

If you choose to pack away your hot tub for winter, it is a case of following a few simple steps: drain, clean, rinse, dry thoroughly, deflate and store safely.

You must ensure to take care when moving, folding and storing your inflatable liner. And, you should store your Lay-Z-Spa in a dry, moisture-free environment that has an ambient temperature of well above 4ºC.

For more detailed info about how to pack away a Lay-Z-Spa, please read this article.

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Maintenance

Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs are very easy to look after. We have a range of Lay-Z-Spa maintenance advice to help you get the best from your hot tub.

Our blogs feature comprehensive tips & advice for Lay-Z-Spa owners and we also have a Hot Tub Chemicals Guide here to help with chemical maintenance.

The Lay-Z-Spa filter needs to be running for at least 4 hours a day but it is probably easier to leave it running all the time to ensure it filtering your water as best as it can.

If you are planning on using your Lay-Z-Spa frequently, we recommend leaving the heat and filter on all the time as this is the most cost-effective in the long run. If you use your Lay-Z-Spa less regularly, don't forget that all our hot tubs include the Power Saving Timer which lets you control your heating in advance.

Yes, all Lay-Z-Spa models with a 2017 or newer pump can heat and use the AirJet™ Massage System at the same time.

No, Lay-Z-Spa models with a 2017 or newer pump cannot heat and use the HydroJet™ Massage System at the same time. Heating can only be on at the same time as the AirJet™ Massage System.

If it's only for a few days, the filter and heater can be left running. Make sure you top up chlorine before leaving.

However, if you are going to leave your Lay-Z-Spa for over a week, we would advise that you drain and clean down your Lay-Z-Spa, and re-fill it when you return.

No, a Lay-Z-Spa does not require the pump to be kept inflated. The pump is used at initial setup to inflate the hot tub and to top it up if required.

Yes, you can add more air to your Lay-Z-Spa when it is full of water. 

1. Remove ChemConnect and Filter Housing
2. Apply Stopper Caps over the debris screens.
3. Detach the pump and add a screw-on stopper to pipe ‘A’.
4. Add air in the same way as when you initially inflated the liner.

Draining a Lay-Z-Spa is a simple and easy process.

1. Remove the Filter Housing and ChemConnect
2. Attach the stopper caps
3. Unscrew and remove the pump.
4. Use the drain adapter to attach a hosepipe to the hot tub to allow for the drainage of the majority of the water.
5. Any remaining water can then simply be tipped out
6. Alternatively, a Pool and Drain Pump can be used to extract the water.

The lifetime of a hot tub filter varies according to the frequency of use, maintenance regime and water conditions.

A Filter should be cleaned after every use or at least every other day. Read our advice on how to clean Lay-Z-Spa filters

Hard water can result in an increased build-up of limescale and therefore can result in increased cleaning and replacement of a filter cartridge. This can be alleviated however with the Clearwater Stain & Scale Controller.

Yes, you can order Spare Parts from Lay-Z-Spa.

You can get all your hot tub chemicals directly from Lay‑Z‑Spa. We supply ClearWater chemicals that have been specifically designed for use with Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs.

For more info on using chemicals check our hot tub chemical guide and for basic guidance see our chemical maintenance page. 

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance

Have a read of our Chemical Maintenance advice for easy water treatment. In order to maintain clear, clean and healthy water there are some day-to-day or regular tasks to consider:

1. Water Filtration / Circulation

It is a combination of circulating the water through the filter cartridge to collect suspended dirt and oils, together with good chemical water treatment that helps you to maintain clear, clean and healthy water.

Whenever the Lay-Z-Spa's heater is turned on, the filtration function is automatically activated. If you wish, it is possible to activate the filter on its own, to keep the water circulating but not heating.

2. Water Testing and Daily Adjusting of Chlorine and PH Levels

It is essential to test the water every time before getting in. Chemicals will still get used up and will be constantly changing, even if you haven't used the hot tub. We recommend testing the water at least 1-2 hours before you plan to use it to give you time to make any chemical adjustments if required.

When it comes to water testing, we recommend using Clearwater Dip Test Strips to quickly and accurately assess your hot tub's water conditions and make adjustments to the chemical levels as required:
1 Total Alkalinity (TA)
2 pH Levels
3 Free Chlorine

3. Shower Before Using Your Hot Tub

We recommend showering before using your Lay-Z-Spa. This will eliminate the amount of organic matter, body oils and cosmetics that enter the water.

Yes, regardless of how often or how long you plan to use your hot tub, it is essential to treat the water in your Lay-Z-Spa using hot tub Chemicals. If you left your Lay-Z-Spa water without any treatment, it would soon become uncomfortable, unclean and potentially dangerous.

Hot Tub Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your Lay-Z-Spa, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water. It won’t take you long to get used to understanding the chemicals and, with regular use, it’ll soon become second nature.

Explore our Hot Tub Chemicals Guide for more information about how and when to use chemicals in your Lay-Z-Spa and we have a simple Chemical Maintenance guide too. 

Yes, chlorine (or an alternative such as bromine) is a powerful sanitiser that is necessary to keep your hot tub clean and healthy. It kills off bacteria and any contaminants in the water making it safe to use. 

You need to shock dose your hot tub with chlorine when you first set up and keep on top of regular chemical maintenance

As a body of still water, a hot tub runs the risk of becoming stagnant and dangerous if not treated properly. Therefore, it is essential to use ClearWater Chemicals to help maintain the water health of your spa.

We recommend ClearWater Chemicals which have been specially designed for Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. Read our Lay-Z-Spa Chemicals Guide to find out how to use these. 

Hot Tub Safety

All lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are designed with a range of safety features.

All of our pumps come with a built-in RCD unit in the power cable and Ground Detection System that monitors the electrical current. 
The pump's digital control panel has an on/off switch and standby mode which needs to be pressed and held to activate. 

All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs' top covers include safety clips that require two hands to open. This prevents young children from being able to remove the cover. 

All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs only heat up to 40°C as this is the recommended safe maximum temperature for safety and wellbeing. 

For children, the water temperature needs to be lowered to 36°C or less. 

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs offer a wide range of Health & Wellbeing benefits. However, if you suffer from a condition or have any concerns about the medication you are on, you should always seek advice from your doctor.

Using a hot tub when pregnant is not recommended in the first 12 weeks or first trimester. Following this, you should seek advice from a doctor or your midwife and only use your hot tub for a short period of time at a lower temperature.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs run on a UK standard 13amp/240V electrical supply. You should always use a grounded socket with RCD protection. All of our pumps come with a built-in RCD unit as a safety measure.  

The socket that the hot tub is being plugged in to should be grounded and at least 4 metres away, at a height of at least 1.2m from the ground. We recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor waterproof socket with RCD protection.

Please Note: You should not overload your plug socket. We recommend that you only run power to your Lay-Z-Spa from a plug socket and nothing else at the same time. 

It is recommended that adults spend between 15 and 30 minutes in their hot tub.

If the temperature of the water is 40°C (104° F), the safest amount of time is 15 minutes.

No, extension cables cannot be used with a Lay‑Z‑Spa. The Lay-Z-Spa pumps come with a 7-metre cable which is usually sufficient for users to reach their nearest grounded socket with RCD protection. If the cable is not long enough, we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor socket with RCD protection. The socket that the hot tub is being plugged in to should be grounded and at least 4 metres away, at a height of at least 1.2m from the ground.

Please Note: You should not overload your plug socket. We recommend that you only run power to your Lay-Z-Spa from a plug socket and nothing else at the same time.

All of our spas are fitted with an internal RCD (residual-current device). This is a cut-out device in the event that water comes into contact with the electrical supply to your inflatable hot tub.

Yes, however, the pump should not be left sitting in deep puddles of water. The RCD is waterproof to IPX5, meaning it can resist high-pressure heavy sprays of water, but should not be submerged or exposed to heavy continuous rainfall.

Hot Tub Support and Warranty

We have a UK based Aftersales team, dedicated to answering any Lay-Z-Spa enquiries that you may have. We also have a comprehensive support area that will help guide you through any issues or queries you may have.

Please visit our dedicated Warranties Page for more details.

Our hot tubs are manufactured from the toughest reinforced inflatable hot tub material you can find; however, accidents do happen and with this in mind, we always include a repair kit with your inflatable spa purchase. You can also buy spare pumps, covers and liners from our website.

No. Due to the combination of water and electricity, the Lay-Z-Spa pumps are not deemed to be user-serviceable.