Lay-Z-Spa Owners Creating Their Everyday Oasis

Over the glorious May bank holiday weekend, we asked Lay-Z-Spa owners in the UK to show us photos of their setups to see how they create their everyday oasis for a chance to win a £100 voucher. 
We had over 200 amazing photos submitted and got to see so many incredible setups and so many people enjoying their Lay-Z-Spa in the sun. We selected our 5 favourite photos and the owners have all received a discount code to spend on Lay-Z-Spa accessories or hot tub chemicals as they please.

Rebecca Mays - Warrington, Cheshire

"Our Lay-Z-Spa is time for us to unwind after a long day. With 3 children, we don’t often get much time for ourselves, but the Lay-Z-Spa allows us time to relax in an evening and was the best purchase we made!" - Rebecca

Marshall - Essex

We purchased our Lay-Z-Spa a few months ago and we cannot get enough of it. We use it for the children during the day to play in and my eldest likes to relax whilst the youngest likes to splash and play with his toys in there. 

Myself and my husband enjoy some much-needed downtime in there after we put the children to bed and we are quite literally in there all night. Before the lazy spa we just sat down on the sofa of an evening and watched TV with very little conversation, but since the Lay-Z-Spa we have had time to talk and engage properly with each other. It really has been such an asset to the garden and has made all of our lives that little bit better.” - Stacey (Marshall’s mum)

Sam Taylor - Leeds

Our Lay-Z-Spa is our oasis escape it gives us some peace and tranquillity in our very busy hectic lives. We have used it to create our own paradise complete with tropical trees and plants along with our deck lighting and candles it really comes alive at night allowing us to just sit and enjoy the stars together” Sam 

Charlotte Smith - Leicestershire

We are new to the Lay-Z-Spa world, after months of researching and following numerous Facebook groups we took the plunge for my husband's 40th birthday and bought the St Moritz. Owning a Lay-Z-Spa has already bought us hours of fun with all the family. We even got the grandparents in with the children the other day. It’s lovely having family time laughing and talking together away from the everyday stressed and electrical devices!” - Charlotte

Finn the English Black Show Cocker Spaniel

The Lay-Z-Spa has been a peaceful retreat during lockdown. We have had our own little holiday in the garden!” - Georgia (Finn’s Owner)

How do you create your everyday oasis with Lay-Z-Spa? We always love to see your pics, so don’t forget to tag us @layzspauk on Instagram.