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Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Running Costs

Looking to find out how much a Lay-Z-Spa costs to run? As the UK's most energy-efficient inflatable hot tub brand, we care about energy consumption and running costs.

Lay-Z-Spa Running Costs

Cost-Effective Lay‑Z‑Spa Features

Energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs


EnergySense™ liners are 40% more energy efficient compared to similar hot tubs

reduce hot tub costs with the power-saving timer

Energy-Saving Timer

Set exact times you would like your heater to turn on for up to 48 hours

An inflatable hot tub is not just for summer

Freeze Shield™

Only turns on when the temperature drops and means you don't have to leave your heat on

Hot Tub Heating System

Rapid Heating System

Turns off when desired temperature is reached to preserve energy, turning back on when water drops a few degrees.

Running Costs Saving Tips

  • Setup your Lay-Z-Spa in a sheltered or covered area to prevent wind chill

  • Keep your inflated lid and cover on when heating up and when not in use

  • Use a floor mat under your Lay-Z-Spa to prevent heat escaping through the bottom

  • When not in use, turn your heat down. Don't keep the heat on 40°C

  • We recommended shopping around energy providers to find the best deal
Lay-Z-Spa Weekly Running Costs

Weekly Running Costs

We estimate it costs around £7 - £10 a week* to run a Lay-Z-Spa based on average usage**. We are continually developing our hot tubs to be as cost-efficient as possible. For example, every Lay-Z-Spa from 2017 onwards includes the Power Saving Timer and all models from 2021 includes Freeze Shield™.

The Lay-Z-Spa pump heater unit is thermostatically regulated, allowing it to intelligently heat the hot tub to save on running costs, much like a central heating system. The heater will heat the water to your desired temperature and then switch off. It will then switch back on again once it falls a few degrees below this.

Our Lay-Z-Spas also come with a top cover and an inflatable inner disc to provide maximum insulation. We have a thick Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector available as an accessory which provides added protection and insulation.

*Figures are based on the Vegas AirJet model used 3 times a week in average UK summer temperatures. Usage: approx 25 mins with 20 mins of Lay-Z-Spa massage function per use including a 5 min interval. Wind-block and cover utilised.

**This is based on feedback we have had from our customers. Please note this is ONLY an estimate and does not take into consideration specifics such as electricity supplier, increase in frequency of usage and outside ambient air temperature. E.g. a lower than average air temperature can cause increased electricity usage in order to maintain high water temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

According to an independent study of comparable products by comparable brands, Lay-Z-Spa is the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tub brand and you could save up to £620 a year.

Results from the independent test are:

1. Lay-Z-Spa pump heats the water to 40 degrees 10% faster than competitors pump.
2. Lay-Z-Spa pump uses significantly less energy to maintain the temperature when massage and heating are off (35% less)
3. Over a 3 year period competitor's hot tub would cost £620 more than Lay-Z-Spa in energy costs if using all year, or £310 if using for 6 months of the year.**
4. Lay-Z-Spa offers significantly better insulation than competitor's - when not heating, water temperature drops 18% faster in competitor's hot tub than Lay-Z-Spa.

Additionally, all our hot tubs come with an inflatable lid and DuraPlus™ cover creating extra insulation to keep the heat in your Lay‑Z‑Spa.

*Test & results have been performed by SGS laboratory. They are based on Lay-Z-Spa Cancun compared to a similar model from our competitor. Both hot tubs had the same volume of water, were tested with the lid & cover on, were set in a room under the same conditions.

**Based on energy use comparison of heater running constantly. Lay-Z-Spa average energy cost over 3 years using for 6 months per year = £883 Competitor’s Spa average energy cost over 3 years using for 6 months per year = £1,193 Unit Cost per KW = £0,16.

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