Looking After a Lay-Z-Spa In Winter

In late summer and autumn, around the UK, Lay-Z-Spa owners begin the great debate of "Should I pack away my hot tub or keep it up?" Well, you can do either. Your Lay-Z-Spa can be used throughout winter with the appropriate setup but if you don't plan on using it, we would recommend packing it away.

How to look after a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub in Winter

Want to know how to look after a Lay-Z-Spa in Winter? Here are our tips and advice for using your inflatable hot tub in winter.

We all know that using your hot tub in winter is every bit as enjoyable, if not better, on a cold crisp evening, which is why more and more Lay-Z-Spa owners are keeping their hot tub set up all year. To make this easier, our 2021 range and upwards all come with Freeze Shield™ technology which will kick in and give your water a blast of heat when the temperature drops. We have also put together a few tips for looking after your inflatable hot tub in winter.

Positioning and insulation

If you are going to use your Lay-Z-Spa in winter, try to make sure it is positioned on a raised platform to avoid heat loss through the base and preferably in a sheltered or covered area to reduce wind chill, rain and snow. You might want to consider insulating your Lay-Z-Spa too. For tips, join our Owners & Advice group on Facebook or get a thermal cover. The Lay-Z-Spa thermal cover helps keep that heat in and makes your hot tub up to 40% more energy-efficient.

Keep on top of chemicals

You might find you are using your hot tub less frequently in winter but it is important that you must keep up your chemical regime to avoid any surprises when you do come to use it.

Change the filters regularly

Same as any other time of year, regardless of the amount of use, change your filter regularly and make sure it is on for at least 8 hours a day to work properly and keep your water clean.

Lay-Z-Spa winter hot tub

Clean the outside

In cold, dark, and damp wintery conditions grime, dirt and unpleasant weather stains can quickly build up in various nooks and crannies. Give the pump, outside of the liner and top cover of your Lay-Z-Spa a regular wipe down with warm soapy water or detergent.

Check your top cover or thermal cover

Your top cover prevents dirt and debris from getting in and it houses the inflatable lid, which helps keep warmth in. It is a good idea to regularly check your top cover and lid. If necessary, adjust the tension on the straps and add a bit more air to the lid. It is good practice to remove any build-up of rain or snow as quickly as you can too.

Regular checks

If you are using your hot tub infrequently and leaving the Freeze Shield™ to do its thing, it is a good idea to regularly check your Lay-Z-Spa from top to bottom, check the water level and check your pump to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Enjoying a Lay-Z-Spa in winter

Don't leave it un-used

If you leave your Lay‑Z‑Spa out in winter without using it, and the temperature drops below 4°C, the water could freeze within the pump and cause serious damage. Your water quality will also deteriorate and you may find a build-up of unsightly mould.

Don't have Freeze Shield™?

If your Lay-Z-Spa doesn't have Freeze Shield™ you'll need to keep an eye on the 72-hour auto-shutoff and make sure the water always has some heat to prevent freezing.

Energy consumption

Should you find your energy consumption rising and you are not making as much use of your Lay-Z-Spa in winter as you would like, we would recommend packing it away.

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