Must Have Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Accessories

So, you’ve picked out your perfect Lay-Z-Spa and you’re easing into a leisurely new life of long bubbly sessions in the garden. Now it’s time to choose those little extras to make sure you get the best experience possible from your little piece of hot tub heaven.

Must have accessories for your hot tub

Hot Tub Foot Bath

Tired of jumping in your hot tub, exhaling and gently tilting your head back only to open your eyes and see blades of grass dancing on the surface of the water? The Lay-Z-Spa Foot Bath is a simple yet effective solution to stopping unwanted debris entering your hot tub. Simply fill with water and you use it to rinse your feet off before clambering into your spa. Reducing debris in your hot tub will also help your filters last longer – and that’s certainly not a bad thing!

Lay-Z-Spa drinks holder, the ultimate accessory for hot tubs

Hot Tub Drinks Holder

It goes without saying that no hot tub session is truly complete without a drink within arm’s reach. A hot tub drinks holder lets you holster up to two drinks so you and your partner can park their drinks or you can stay more than well-hydrated… Compatible with all DuraPlus™ hot tubs (the wide side wall hot tubs), the drinks holder simply slots over the sidewall.

Portable spa pillows

Lay-Z-Spa Pillows

So you’ve setup and you’re enjoying your own piece of hot tub heaven. However, there’s something missing. That’s where the Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Pillows come in. Compatible with all Duraplus™ hot tubs (the wide side wall hot tubs), pillows are a great addition to any spa session. Supporting the back of your head and upper neck, these pillows can be the finishing touch to your spa sessions.

Hot tub glasses that will not break

Hot Tub Glasses

Let’s face it, bobbing around in the bubbles is thirsty work, so it’s great that we offer a whole selection of elegant glasses for use in your Lay-Z-Spa. Whether you’re after tumblers for the kids on those weekend splash sessions or champagne flutes for those coupley nights under the stars, we’ve got it. Our set of Four Acrylic Wine Glasses are just what you need for those lazy evenings with friends. Made from safe acrylic that won’t smash, these glasses are just right for toasting the arrival of your new hot tub!

For those date nights, our set of Four Acrylic Champagne Flutes adds a little romance to any occasion, and what could be more glam than sinking into your hot tub after a long day at work and clinking flutes with that special someone? And then there are those Sunday spa sessions with your mini mermaids and water babies. Our set of Four Acrylic Tumbler Glasses are pretty much impossible to break. Like all our hot tub glasses, they’re compatible with Lay-Z-Spa Drink Holders too, so they're safe as well as gorgeous.

Insulating hot tub accessory for winter

Hot Tub Thermal Cover

Suitable in both summer and winter months, the Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Cover is an essential insulating accessory that helps keep the heat in and reduces running costs. Made from the same DuraPlus™ material as the hot tub itself, these covers, as well as insulating your Lay-Z-Spa, give extra protection from the elements as they are totally waterproof and UV resistant.

Must-have accessories for your hot tub

Hot Tub Robes And Towels

What is it about stepping from the hot tub and wrapping up that makes us feel all cosy and content? Well whatever it is, our selection of Robes and Towels means you can enjoy that sumptuous spa feeling right in your own outside space.

Our range of hot tub accessories includes the Cotton Robe (available in two sizes), carefully designed to keep you feeling pampered. The Lay-Z-Spa Robe is 100% cotton, and the fitted collar will keep you warm and snug before and after those dips. Complete with handy pockets to keep your valuables safe and sound, this robe looks as good as it feels.

Why not complete your collection with the official Lay-Z-Spa towel? Our luxury cotton towel is beautifully embroidered with the Lay-Z-Spa logo and has an ultra-soft texture. We love the fact it’s made from thick, fluffy cotton for that snuggly feel, and it’s perfect for you and the kids. You won’t have to wait for your next spa break to capture the blissful sensation of a fluffy towel after a long session in the hot tub…simply order yours today and complete your hot tub experience in style.

The best hot tub accessories for cleaning

Hot Tub Cleaning Kit

In addition to good chemical maintenance, giving your hot tub a good scrub and fishing out any unwanted bits of debris can keep your Lay-Z-Spa looking great. Including a scrubbing mitt, brush and net scoop; you’ll have everything you need to keep your spa sparkling.

We have a wide range of different hot tub accessories to choose from to make your spa unique to you and provide you with the best experience possible from your little piece of hot tub heaven. Explore Our Range.