PH Increaser Top Up Kit

  • Easily top up on essential chemicals
  • Includes Chlorine Granules 1Kg
  • Includes PH increaser 1Kg
  • Includes 25 Clearwater® dip tests

This bundle contains the following

Customize PH Increaser Top Up Kit
1 x Chlorine Granules (1kg)   + £9.99
1 x pH Plus Increaser (1kg)   + £8.00
1 x PH, Alkaline and Chlorine Dip Test Strips (25 Test Strips)   + £7.00

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Clearwater PH Increaser Top Up Kit
PH Increaser Top Up Kit

In stock

In stock

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    Product details

    About PH Increaser Top Up Kit

    This kit is ideal for increasing the pH levels of your pool or hot tub when the pH is too low.

    Clearwater® Chlorine Granules 1kg

    Clearwater® 1kg Chlorine Granules are used for sanitising and maintaining a healthy hot tub or pool environment. The chlorine granules disinfect the water by killing bacteria; they are quick-dissolving and relatively pH neutral.

    pH Increaser 1kg

    If the pH of your hot tub or pool water is below 7.2 just follow the application instructions on the Clearwater® PH Plus bottle to increase the PH level to a stable level.

    25 Clearwater® Dip Tests

    Clearwater® Dip Test Strips are a quick and easy way to check chemical levels in your hot tub or pool. Untested water can become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria or develop a chemical imbalance that makes eyes and skin feel uncomfortable.