Lay-Z-Spa Safety Features

Lay-Z-Spa Safety Features Ground Fault Detection

Ground Detection System

With safety as a priority, every Lay-Z-Spa is equipped with our advanced, market-leading Ground Detection System which continuously monitors for a safe earth connection in your power supply. If the GDS detects an issue, the pump alerts the user, with a GCF code on the digital display panel, and does not allow further use until the power supply is correctly earthed, putting safety first. This coupled with the improved ultra-sensitive RCD helps to deliver double-layered protection so that you can relax in complete peace of mind.

Moisture Resistant PCB

The Lay-Z-Spa PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inside the pump is equipped with a moisture resistance treatment that ensures the same performance in wet conditions. This type of protection is often not present with other inflatable hot tub brands.

Lay-Z-Spa Safety Features Moisture Resistant PCB
GLEDS system

GLEDS system (Ground Line Electric Detection System)

From 2023 all Hydrojet and Hydrojet Pro pumps are equipped with the GLEDS system that monitors the grounding line (earthing) all the time the heater is in use. This system can detect if there is current discharged into the grounding line coming from other electrical appliances installed in the household. The system is very sensitive and can detect a current of 5 mA and will notify the user with the cove E18 on the control panel.