Leaking water

Here is a troubleshooting guide which should help to diagnose the issue you are experiencing with your AirJet or HydroJet spa.

The rubber membrane on the inside of the liner will stop some of the water but not all of it. There may be some water in the massage seam of the spa.  There is then a non-return valve on the inside of the pump which will stop any water from going into the pump where it shouldn’t.

If the pump is connected to the spa with the washer in the correct place, you shouldn’t be able to see any water leaking from this. If for any reason you would need to disconnect the pump, the grey spa cap supplied with the spa will need to be placed onto the A pipe coming from the liner to stop the water from trickling out.

Leaking from base of pump:

There may be a perished or damaged washer or seal inside the pump. (Please do not open your pump as this will void your warranty).

To solve this please follow these steps:

  1. Turn the pump off using the On/Off power button on the pump display
  2. Move to the power supply, turn the power off and remove this from the socket
  3. Remove the pump from the spa liner by placing the stopper caps within the spa over the debris screens
  4. Unscrew the 3 couplings A, B and C
  5. Place the grey cap on the A pipe on the liner to stop any water leaking form this pipe
  6. Using a hosepipe, flush water in through the pumps B pipe which should then come out the C.
  7. Complete this for about 2 to 3 minutes
  8. Once this has been completed, switch the water flow from in through the C and out again through the B
  9. Once you have completed this for roughly 2 to 3 minutes, re-attach the pump to the liner
  10. Please ensure the stopper caps have been removed from the inside of the liner before use

You can also see our video which takes you through this process here:

Leaking from pipe 'A' on liner:

There may be water in the massage seam (this is perfectly normal).

The grey cap must be placed over the A pipe, and the stoppers caps over the B and C pipes when the pump is removed from the liner.

Leaking from connections:

During the use of the spa, the washers within the spa couplings may become perished or worn. These are within each of the coupling, A (largest), B and C.

To solve this please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the spa pump from the liner, with the stopper caps placed on the inside.
  2. Check the couplings in the 3 pump connections.
  3. These couplings can be unscrewed using a small screw driver which will allow these washers to be checked.
  4. If these washers are perished or worn, please contact our customer care team below who will be able to provide further assistance.

If the steps provided above, do not resolve the issue please contact our Customer Care team below.